Pickleball Paddle Companies Ranked From Worst To Best

How seriously do you take the purchase of your pickleball paddle? If you are reading this article, you most likely take it seriously. And Why shouldn’t you?

Pickleball is a game that demands a lot of hand-eye coordination on your part. It’s a skill-based game, and even the finest equipment has its limitations. But it has some capabilities. You seek the little advantage that a $4 paddle from Walmart is unlikely to provide.

Recognizing your need is an excellent starting step, but it also exposes you to a whole new range of obligations, such as;

Which pickleball paddle manufacturer is the best, and how do you know? These are the questions that we want to answer in this article.

Hello and welcome to The Comprehensive Minds, your number-one spot for all pickleball content. Today’s article reveals the list of top ten pickleball companies producing paddles out there. We’ll take you through the nitty-gritty of pickleball paddles to help you choose the ideal paddle for getting started.

We want to give you a short disclaimer. Our list is based on worst to best pickleball companies, followed by a generalized review of some of the recent brands. Now let’s get right into the article.

Number 5. Onix

And number fifth spot is Onix, one of the leading manufacturers of performance Pro pickleball, Paddles, balls, and accessories. Onix gives players high-tech gear that has been proven to make sports faster, more accurate, and more strategic.

Since it started in 2005, Onix Pickleball, whose goal has been to help the sport grow and develop at a professional level. Their motto is Trust Your Game to Onix.

The key players sponsored by Onix include Cassandra Gherky, Matt Wright, Dylan Frazier, Lucy Kovalova, Altaf Merchant, and Cally Jo Smith. Some of Onix’s best pickleball paddles are:

1. Evoke premier

evoke premier pickleball paddle

Pro players and pickleball national champions Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova manufacture the evoke premium pickleball paddle for power and accuracy.

2. Outbreak Pickleball Paddle

Outbreak Pickleball Paddle

The outbreak has a graphite face that is strengthened by T-extreme technology to make it stiffer and stronger. This gives players precise control over the ball. The paddle is the right size and weight to give you the most control and spin.

3. Z5 Mod series

Z5 Mod series pickleball paddle

The Z5, which is made of graphite, is the most popular paddle in the Onix line. It’s a great touch for better control of the ball.

Number 4. CRBN

After Garrett Gosselin lost his job in 2020 because of the COVID-19 outbreak, he and his doubles partner Ryan started CRBN. It’s grown very quickly. Their paddles are made to give you the most control and power, and their motto is Let you play Do the talking.

The key players sponsored by CRBN include DJ Young, Michelle Esquivel, Yana Grechkina, Ben Newell, Jason Bock, Eric Rosner, and Matt Chou. Some of their best pickleball paddles are :

1. CRBN1 (elongated paddle)

CRBN1 elongated pickleball paddle

The base of the CRBN1 pickleball paddle is made of raw T- 700 carbon fiber and the core is made of honeycomb-shaped polypropylene.

The paddle should be made of carbon fiber, which is the best material to use. Not only does it make a crazy amount of spin, but it also has a huge sweet spot that gives you the right amount of power and control.

2. CRBN2 (square paddle)

CRBN2 (square paddle)

The base of the CRBN2 Pickleball paddle is made of the same T- 700 carbon fiber as the CRBN1. The core is made of honeycomb-shaped polypropylene. The paddle should be made of carbon fiber, which is the best material to use.

Makes an insane amount of spin, has a huge sweet spot, and is consistent because as the best compression rates in the industry, it also has the right amount of power in control.

Number 3. Franklin

Franklin Sports has been around for quite some time and began in 1946 as a local brand of sports gear based around one athlete, the former quarterback for the New York Jets, Joe Namath. Since then, its name has become a synonym for good gear. People all over the world know it.

Key players sponsored by Franklin include Zane Navratil, J.W. Johnson, Jorja Johnson, Aspen Kern, and Christine McGrath. The best pickleball paddles they sell are:

1. Aspen Kern Center Carbon Fiber

Aspen Kern Center Carbon Fiber pickleball paddle

The new Aspen Kern Center Pickleball paddle from Franklin has a max grit textured surface, that has been made to give you more spin and less vibration. The Max Grit surface material is approved by USA Pickleball, and it’s made to give the ball more grip so that it spins faster for better control.

2. Franklin Signature

Franklin Signature pickleball paddle

Premium Quality Franklin Signature Paddle also features Max Grit textured surface technology designed for maximum spin and reduced vibration. Also, the core is made of polypropylene and the surface is made of fiberglass.

This makes a very strong, durable base with a large sweet spot that makes contact easy and reliable shot after shot.

Number 2. Selkirk

Selkirk Sport is the most popular brand for high-performance pickleball paddles and the pros use and recommend them. They’re proud of how far technology has come in the sport.

And Selkirk Labs, an independent research and development division of Selkirk Sport, is an example of this. Key players that Selkirk supports are Tyson McGovern, MaryBrascia, Maggie, Morgan Evans, Wesley Gabrielsen, Dave Fleming, and Kaitlyn. Some of Selkirk’s best pickleball paddles are:

1. Vanguard 2.0 S2

Vanguard 2.0 S2  pickleball paddle

The Advanced Pro Speed Service at the Vanguard 2.0 S2 gives you more spin than ever before and was designed to give you the best performance possible. Also, it has a quantum carbon fiber face and a thick poly core with a honeycomb pattern and vanguard geo grip TM


AMPED S2  pickleball paddle

The APED S2 is a durable edge guard technology with a low profile that makes for a good panel. It also has fiber flex TM technology, which gives it more spin and makes it easier to control.

Number 1. JOOLA

The number one brand right now when it comes to pickleball is Joola. It was established in Germany in 1952 and has dominated table tennis in the U.S. for over 15 years.

In 2022 Joola launched Joola pickleball and immediately took the sport by storm on the sponsor Pickleball World. Number one Ben Johns, a partner of USAPA.

Key players sponsored by Joola include Ben Johns, ranked number one in the world, Chuck Taylor, Allyce Jones, Rachael Rettger, and Eric White. Top pickleball paddles from Joola include :

1. Ben Johns, Hyperion CFS 16

Ben Johns, Hyperion CFS 16

The dynamic combination of control, power, and spin Hyperion. CFS 16 is considered the top-of-the-line in Joola Pickleball paddle. The rest of the Ben Johns Hyperion line is also worth the extra price point, at least according to customer reviews.

2. Radius CGS 16

Radius CGS 16 pickleball paddle

Outside the flagship line bearing the name of the number one player in the world is a RADIUS CGS 16 that utilizes a durable, long-lasting carbon flex three-textured surface that grips the ball to create more spin. Still up there in price but does provide some relief in the wallet compared to the previously mentioned paddles.

3. Essential’s

Essential's pickleball paddle

Not quite ready to commit a decent chunk of change to your pickleball game, but you still want the quality brought by Joola. The essentials line is a way to go. Features a fiberglass surface for a great all around balance of power, control, and spin.

It’s manufactured using a multi-layer process for impressive power and feedback. The response Honeycomb Core creates a large sweet spot with reduced vibration.

Next, we have some of the other pickleball companies that you may be interested in.


Engage can’t be left out of a list of pickleball paddle brands. This company is based in the United States and is proud that its paddles are made in design in Florida. Their goal is to make the best paddle for pickleball in the world, and their vision is to help the sport grow.

You might ask, how do they do that? Well, by giving back, 5% of their company’s income goes to helping kids get into the sport by putting on tournaments, giving away paddles, and other things. Now, that’s a plan we can support.

Sports Gamma

In 1974 a nuclear engineer, tennis racket broke, which was not a good thing because of this. Dr. Henry Ferrari was able to come up with cutting-edge technology that became the basis for Gamma and its long-lasting equipment.

Even though they’re based on tennis paddles, gamma pickleball paddles are better made and have a clear edge over the competition.


Rafael Flippin, who plays racquetball for a living, started Gearbox Sports in 2007. Since then, they’re proud to have added pickleball paddles on their business. Many people think of Gearbox as a synonym for quality and long-lastingness.

That’s a plan with two parts so we can get behind. You can’t go wrong with Gearbox. If you want to prove your game with a high-end set of pickleball Paddles.

One shot

Love a pickleball in one family led them to want to make their own paddle. The Seattle-based Lou and Monty family got into pickleball and has been living their dream with one shot. Did we mention that their paddles are hard to beat and have some of the cleanest designs in the business?


Paddletek started out as a small family based in Michigan in 2010. Since then, it’s grown to become one of the biggest and bad ass paddle makers in the business.

Their love of the game and desire to make paddles better is admirable. We’re happy to sell their products. Even though they’ve grown over the years their goal was always been the same to help you play at a higher level.

Pro Kennex

Pro Kennex is one of the best track records in the business. It’s based in California. They’ve been around for more than 50 years and they’re not going anywhere soon.

They know a lot about pickleball paddles and how to solve problems. They help players with problems by coming up with new ways to engineer and by giving a wide range of technical knowledge.

Prolite Athletics

Prolite is a family-owned business with locations in Port Washington and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was built on the work ethics of the Midwest. They started their business in 1984 and made the first composite pickleball paddle that same year.


Topp Pickleball is a family business that’s owned and run by women. We’re happy to sell their canoe paddles. One of the things we like best about this brand is what the letters topp mean. Tomorrow’s pickleball pledge.

They get up every day and work to make pickleball better, but it’s through their high-quality paddles, their great customer service, and their work in the community. Without a doubt, topp paddles will help you get your game to the next level.

Vulcan’s Sports Goods

Vulcan Sporting Goods is a newer company, that has been in business since 2015. Since then, they’ve been combining styles with new ideas through their one-of-a-kind pickleball paddles.

They always try to improve performance and help athletes show off their style and personality. No matter how good you are at paddling, Vulcan has a paddle for you.

So what is your favorite pickleball company? Tell us in the comments. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your fellow pickers.

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