Here’s a no spoilers guide on how to get Elden Ring multiple endings

Elden Ring multiple endings

If you’ve ever played a FromSoftware game, you’re probably aware that Elden Ring has multiple endings. Dark Souls 3 has four potential endings, and Bloodborne had three, so it’s only natural that Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s biggest game ever, will take the same route.

Elden Ring does, in fact, have numerous endings, but you can only see one of them per playthrough. Yes, once you’ve completed the game, you’ll have to replay it in New Game Plus to see what else Elden Ring has to offer.

The following is a walkthrough for obtaining all of Elden Ring’s various endings. It’s not an explanation of the endings, and it won’t display any of them. There are no spoilers in this section.

So how many endings are there in Elden Ring?

This is a hard question, as befits a massive game like Elden Ring. The most straightforward explanation is that there are six distinct endings. Four of the endings, though, are strikingly similar. They’re all variants of what’s known as a neutral ending. The other two are “special” endings that will take a little longer to find.

How can you unlock the 4 “neutral” Elden Ring Endings

When you defeat the final boss, you’ll be asked to perform an action that will start the climactic sequence. If you have specific things in your inventory, they will be added to the prompt list when you use them. Depending on which item you select, you’ll get a somewhat different ending.

Remember that each playthrough only allows you to see one ending, so even if you have all four options, you can only see the one you choose.

Each Key Item that provides an ending option can be gained by completing a questline. Here’s a list of them:

Mending Rune of the Death-Prince

This can be obtained by finishing the Fia-related questline. To do so, start Ranni’s questline, which leads you through the Lost City of Nokron, the Divine Tower of Liurnia, and the Deeproot Depths. You’ll meet Fia there and engage with her, as well as defeat the Lichdragon Fortissax dragon and obtain this Mending Rune.

Mending Rune of the Death-Prince

Mending Rune of Perfect Order

Corhyn, who, like Fia, you initially encounter at the Roundtable Hold, is related to this Mending Rune. Corhyn is located near the Atlus Highway Intersection. The Forst-Spanning Greatbridge Site of Grace can be found a little further along the route. A transporter is located next to it, and it will transport you to another bridge in Atlus, where you will encounter an unusual, silent man wearing a golden sunflower mask. Return to Corhyn and tell him about the masked man, and a questline will begin.

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You’ll be able to find the weird masked man in Lynedell, Capital of Ashes (if that location is unlocked in the main story), and collect the Mending Rune of Perfect Order if you complete it.

Mending Rune of Perfect Order

Mending Rune of the Fell Curse

To obtain this important item, you must finish the Dung Eater’s sidequest. After you earn your first Great Rune, the Dung Eater’s spirit appears in the Roundtable Hold. Offer him a Seedbed Curse, which you may get in Leynedell, and he’ll give you the keys to the capital’s sewers, which will set you on your way. You’ll enter the sewers, battle his soul in a marsh, and give him four additional Seedbed Curses. He’ll give you the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse once you’ve done so.

Mending Rune of the Fell Curse

How to get the “bad” ending

You’ll need to finish the Three Fingers sidequest to get what can only be characterized as “the bad ending.” To accomplish so, you’ll have to return to the same sewers you sludged in during the Dung Eater’s mission.

If you look hard enough in the sewer system you went through to discover the Dung Eater, you’ll see a hole on the right (you may need a lantern). Moving forward will lead you to the Dung Eater while moving through the wall will lead you to the Three Fingers.

It’s a dark and treacherous journey that takes you to the Cathedral of the Forsaken via a dungeon. You’ll fight a boss there, then platform down to the shaft’s bottom to locate a Site of Grace. You can be hugged by the Three Fingers if you take off all your armor and disarm your weapons.

Fight the final boss once the Three Fingers have left their mark on you, and discover what happens.

How to get the "bad" ending

How to get the “good” ending

You must complete Ranni’s questline in order to receive the best possible ending — best meaning the best conclusion for your character, not necessarily the most entertaining to watch.

How to get the "good" ending

This sidequest begins at Ranni’s Rise in Liurnia of the Lakes, as previously stated. It’s a huge one, introducing you to a few individuals and taking you on a tour through not one, but two lost cities, as well as a true wasteland. This questline also includes a number of bosses. On the plus side, you’ll pick up some useful lore, get some useful items (like Iji’s Bell Bearing), and unlock what will likely be remembered as Elden Ring’s “good” ending at the end.

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