Mariah Carey’s Net Worth in 2022: Interesting Facts and Biography

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Mariah Carey’s Net Worth in 2022
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Mariah Carey’s Net Worth: Mariah Carey is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, businesswoman, and television personality. Mariah Carey‘s net worth is $320 million dollars as of 2022. She’s one of those singers who’s been around for a long time, and her famed voice and five-octave vocal range haven’t changed.

Mariah has established herself as one of the top fifteen best-selling musical artists of all time, with over 200 million records sold worldwide. She is credited with inspiring future generations of singers as well as being a pop and R&B music pioneer. Furthermore, due to her distinctive singing style, remarkable range, and other factors, Mariah has been designated “Songbird Supreme” by the renowned Guinness World Records.

Her music is classified as mainstream current R&B with a touch of hip-hop, although she primarily sings about love. Carey was inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame as well. She is the most successful female in Billboard chart history, and she has received a slew of trophies, including five Grammys and a slew of others.

Mariah Carey’s net worth over the course of her long career is believed to be approximately $320 million. After the release of her multi-platinum albums in the 1990s, Carey became one of the most well-known and wealthy singers in the world.

Mariah Carey’s Net Worth in 2022:

  • Mariah Carey’s net worth is $320 million and she is 52 years old.
  • $30 million in annual salary
  • Singer, songwriter, composer Actress, and record producer by profession
  • Gender Female
  • Aquarius is her Zodiac Sign


Mariah Angela Carey was born on March 27, 1970, in Huntington, Long Island, New York, to parents of African-American and Afro-Venezuelan ancestry Alfred Roy Carey. Patricia (née Hickey), her mother, is of Irish origin. Mariah’s father is an aerospace engineer, while her mother is a vocal instructor and opera singer.

Mariah’s parents split when she was three years old, maybe owing to pressure on her mother to marry a guy. She began initiating her mother’s singing when she was very small, and she was offered lessons at the age of four. While attending Harborfields High School, she developed an interest in music and began writing poetry and early songs.

At Harborfields, Carey met Gavin Christopher and Ben Margulies, and the three began collaborating on music and entire tunes with words. Before graduating from high school, they proceeded to collaborate on a full-length demo.

Mariah came to Manhattan after graduating from Harborfields High School in Greenlawn, New York in 1987, where she worked as a server, co-check girl, and studied cosmetology while composing and recording in the hopes of pursuing a career in the music industry.

Mariah began recording her own demo tape, but she was unable to effectively sell it to record labels. After recording a demo, Mariah introduced Brenda Starr, a pop singer, from that moment forward. Brenda rapidly became one of her greatest friends, and she assisted her in achieving her ambitions in the music industry.

At 16 years old, she would often study until 3 a.m., but she wouldn’t have to do this for long since her demo tape was discovered by Tommy Mottola, President of Columbia Records, and subsequently Sony, who signed her on the spot and married her a few years later in a larger-than-life ceremony.

Breakthrough in Her Career:

Mariah Carey’s Net Worth in 2022
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Mariah Carey released her self-titled first album on June 12, 1990, which was marketed by Columbia Records and for which the label allegedly spent $1 million in the promotion. Slowly but steadily, the album rose to the top of the charts, finally becoming a tremendous success in her career, earning 9x platinum certification in the US alone.

Mariah chose to release her second album, Emotions, after achieving significant success in the music industry. Emotions shattered all prior records and became a big success, reaching number one. Mariah Carey’s biggest break occurred in 1993 when she released her third album, Music Box, which went on to sell over 28 million copies worldwide and spent 128 weeks on the Billboard chart.

The record went on to become one of the best-selling albums of all time, and she received several honors and accolades as a result of its success. Her fourth album, Merry Christmas, was released on October 28, 1994. It was a huge commercial success, and it has sold over 15 million copies all around the world, much like her previous albums. Mariah went on to release three more albums, each of which sold twenty million, ten million, and eight million copies worldwide.

Contract with Virgin:

By 2001, Mariah had left Columbia Records and signed a $100 million five-album deal with Virgin Records, which was the richest deal in the history of music at the time, and is now equal to $150 million after inflation.
Her romance with Mexican artist Luis Miguel ended around this time, and she posted depressed and incomprehensible notes on her official website, prompting tabloids to declare her suicidal when she was hospitalized with sliced wrists. This happened while she was promoting her film and record Glitter, which is still largely regarded as one of the worst films ever made.

Mariah received a Razzie Award for Worst Actress for her efforts, and the album did not fare well when it was released on September 11, 2001. She then walked away from Virgin, yet she still raked anywhere between $28 to $50 million. Carey released another record that was a commercial flop, but she had a conversation with Eminem about a possible collaboration for this album, which led to her flying out to his house.

She managed to produce a music video and a song about him, and the Obsessed music video almost has a strange feeling of foreboding since her portrayal of Eminem in the video appears to be precisely how the rapper looks and handles himself to this day.

Alison Carey, Mariah’s HIV-positive sister, has battled alcohol and drug addiction for years and was arrested for prostitution in 2005 after offering se# to an undercover cop. In 2008, Carey’s career took off when her 11th album, E=MC², debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, selling 463,000 copies in its first week.

It was during the making of the music video By By that she met comedian Nick Cannon, and it was the best first week of her career. Mariah was able to demonstrate to her film reviewer detractors that they were mistaken about her work impressions as Miss Wise Precious Social Worker in 2009, for which she received nominations and prizes.

After being dropped by Virgin, Mariah signed a $24 million, five-album deal with Island Records. Carey released her tenth studio album, The Emancipation of Mimi, under the record, which has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

After that, she only released one album with Def Jam until landing a deal with Epic Records in 2015. Mariah also appeared as a judge on American Idol’s 12th season, for which she was paid a record $18 million.

She also had the opportunity to secure a $30 million agreement to play a two-year residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, which helped her become one of the highest-paid females in the music industry in 2015, with a total income of $27 million.

Mariah Carey’s Net Worth in 2022
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Personal Life:

At a party in 1992, Mariah Carey met Tommy Motalla, a music executive and co-owner of Casablanca Records, and the two began dating soon after. Mariah and Tommy got engaged at the end of 1992, and their spectacular wedding took place on June 5, 1993. Mariah is 21 years younger than Tommy, and their marriage was short-lived; the pair separated on May 5, 1998.

Mariah Carey married Nick Cannon, an American actor, and rapper, in 2008. They began dating in early 2008 and were married in April of the same year. On April 30, 2011, Carey and Cannon welcomed their two children, Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe, twins who were born on the same day. They split up in August 2014, and Nick Cannon filed for divorce in the late 2014s, which was completed in April 2015.

Mariah and Australian billionaire James Packer began dating in June 2015, and the two were sighted together on holidays in a variety of locations, including Capri, Italy. Their engagement was announced in January 2016, however, they ended the relationship in late 2016.

Mariah began talking about how she was completing treatment and taking medicine in April 2018 after being diagnosed with bipolar II disorder. She was reportedly diagnosed in 2001, shortly after Mariah’s public breakdown, and has kept the news of her condition concealed from the public ever since.

Quick Biography:

Full NameMariah Angela Carey
NicknameMimi, Mary Poppins, MC, Mermaid
Age52 years old
Date Of BirthMarch 27, 1970
Mariah Carey’s Net Worth$320 million
HometownHuntington, New York
Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight76 kg (167.5 lbs)
Figure Measurement38-27-35
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorLight Brown
FatherAlfred Roy Carey
MotherPatricia (née Hickey)
Education QualificationGraduated
ReligionAnglican / Episcopalian


Mariah Carey’s assets include properties in New York City, the Bahamas, Lake COMO in Italy, Los Angeles, and Aspen, among others. Her opulent Bahamas property spans three acres and has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a swimming pool. The property is valued at more than $5 million.

After marrying Nick Cannon, the pair purchased a $7 million property in Los Angeles. This home was advertised for $12.995 million on the market. The 11,000-square-foot estate has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, as well as a large gym, movie theater, and basketball court.

Mariah Carey's Net Worth
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Mariah Carey’s Net Worth:

Mariah Carey’s net worth is expected to be about $320 million in 2022. She is the world’s second-best-selling female artist, with 200 million albums sold globally. Mariah Carey holds the record for the most number-one singles by a female producer, composer, and solo artist, with 19 songs reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

With over 68 million certified album units, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has crowned her the most certified female artist in the United States. Mariah Carey released her debut studio album, Mariah Carey, in 1990, and Columbia Records spent $1 million advertising it. Although sales were modest at first, the record was eventually certified 9x Platinum.

The album went on to sell over 15 million copies worldwide and reached number one on the Billboard charts. Mariah also received a Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Mariah Carey, Emotions, Music Box, and Daydream are among Mariah’s finest and most popular albums. Mariah Carey has amassed a large wealth as a result of her great career, and Mariah Carey’s net worth at present is $320 million.

She also made a lot of money through brand endorsements. Forever, Lollipop Bling, Luscious Pink, Jenny Craig, Pepsi, Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, and many others are among her endorsements. Mariah Carey earns more than $30 million every year.

Some Interesting Facts about Mariah Carey

  • Mariah Carey’s parents named her after a song from the Broadway musical “They Call The Wind Maria” when she was born on March 27, 1969.
  • At the age of two, Carey allegedly stunned her mother by emulating her operatic singing. She began vocal training at the age of four and swiftly improved her abilities, allowing her to relocate to New York City and follow her aspirations after graduating from high school.
  • Mariah Carey was nicknamed “Mirage” by her classmates at Harborfields High School in Greenlawn, Long Island, owing to the number of times she skipped class to focus on her music, according to Page Six.
  • She also worked as a waiter, although only for a short time.
  • According to New Jersey 105.1, Carey got her first break after doing odd jobs and starting singing backup vocals for Brenda K. Starr in the late 1980s.
  • Carey has been captivated with Marilyn Monroe since getting a copy of Norman Mailer’s biography of the actress for Christmas as a youngster, she told The Guardian in 2014. She was so obsessed with the actress that in 1999, Carey paid over $600,000 for Monroe’s baby grand piano at auction and named her daughter after the actress.
  • The Fresh Air Fund named its Career Awareness Program “Camp Mariah” after the singer, who joined the board of directors of the organization in 1994. Thousands of kids in New York City have the option to attend sleepaway camps in New York’s mid-Hudson Valley because of this program.
  • LaBelle was not named Carey’s godmother at birth, unlike other godparents. Carey requested LaBelle to be her godmother, and she said yes, according to Wendy Williams in 2010.
  • Nick Cannon, Carey’s ex-husband, has admitted to having sex to the singer’s music.
  • According to the Daily Mail, Carey’s dogs frequently accompany her in first-class or on private aircraft when she travels. They’ve also accompanied her on stage, in music videos, and even in the bath, soaking up as much as they can of their mother’s lavish lifestyle.
  • In 2016, Carey received the GLAAD Ally Award for her support of the LGBTQ community.
  • She is the only singer in history to have a No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 list in four distinct decades.
  • She is the all-time best-selling solo artist. She has more No. 1 singles than Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley combined.
  • She is the all-time best-selling solo artist. She has more No. 1 singles than Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Only The Beatles have had more number-one hits.


Mariah Carey is a legend who no longer needs to regularly release new music to prove herself. Nowadays, Mariah is almost assured to have at least one hit song every year, and it may be the same single every time because the 1994 smash song All I Want for Christmas has largely become the official anthem of Christmas Anywhere.

So much so that it re-enters the Billboard charts every December, and it even topped the charts for the first time at number one in 2009, after spending 35 weeks on the charts since its release in 1994. As a result, All I Want for Christmas Is You is the slowest-rising number one song in Billboard history.

Billboard rated this song the “Best Holiday Song of All Time,” and the distinction is well deserved. Along with two Christmas Albums, the most recent of which was published in 2010, and two Christmas movies, one of which was an animated children’s film and the other a live performance film. Mariah has almost 8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mariah Carey

What is Mariah Carey’s annual salary?

Mariah Careys annual salary ranges between $30 million to $31 million.

What is Mariah Careys net worth?

Mariah Careys Net Worth is estimated to be $320 million US in 2022.

How old is Mariah Carey?

Mariah Carey is a 52-year-old who was born on the 27th of March 1970.

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