Jodie Sweetin Net Worth: Interesting Facts and Complete Biography

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Jodie Sweetin Net Worth

Jodie Sweetin Net Worth: Jodie Sweetin is a Los Angeles, California-based American actress and television personality. Jodie Sweetin net worth is $2 million US as of 2022. She is well recognized for her remarkable performance as Stephanie Tanner on the ABC comedy Full House, for which she received a lot of attention in the entertainment business.

Following the popularity of the series, Sweetin appears in the Netflix sequel series Fuller House. Aside from these films, she began receiving offers for major projects and participated in several television series and indie films, as well as started her own podcast. Jodie Sweetin returned to the spotlight in 2016 when she appeared on season 22 of the dancing reality show Dancing with the Stars.

Sweetin has been in a number of famous series, including “Stephanie in The All-New Mickey Mouse Club in 1989,” “Lydia in Brotherly Love in 1996,” “Rhiannon in Party of Five in 1999,” “Leia in Singled Out in 2012,” “Drop the Mic in 2018,” and “The Talk in 2019.” Among them are “Vanessa in the film Just Swipe, 2021,” “Beyond the Edge, 2022,” “Worst Cooks in America, 2022,” and “Name That Tune, 2022.” Furthermore, Jodie Sweetin was rated third on the 2016 list of most Google searched actresses.

Sweetin released her memoir UnSweetined in 2009, in which she spoke about her spiral into drug and alcohol addiction.

Jodie Sweetin net worth of all time:

  • Jodie Sweetin net worth is estimated to be $2 million in 2022. she is 40 years old.
  • Her annual salary is Approx $500000
  • Actress, and TV Personality, by profession
  • Gender Female
  • Capricorn is her zodiac sign.

Jodie Sweetin Net Worth


Jodie Lee-Ann Sweetin was born in Los Angeles, California on January 19, 1982. She spent most of her youth with her uncle Sam Sweetin, who reared her while her parents were in prison. Sweetin’s father and mother, Janice Sweetin, were both in prison when Jodie was born.

Her uncle Sam was adopted when she was 9 months old, but the adoption wasn’t formalized until she was 2 years old since her father was one-fourth Native American. Jodie showed an interest in dance as she grew up, and she began taking dance lessons as well as studying ballet and tap dancing at the age of three.

Jodie received her schooling at Los Alamitos High School in California, where she graduated in 1999. It was during her high school years that she first met American actor Matthew Morrison and had the opportunity to appear in various musical performances with him. She graduated with honors from Chapman University in Orange, California.


Jodie Sweetin began her acting career at the age of five, performing in national advertisements and appearing in guest appearances on television series. She had her acting debut in the comedy Valerie, where she portrayed Pamela Poole, but the cast chose to alter the name from Valerie to The Hogan Family.

Sweetin’s career took off the same year she earned the popular part of Stephanie Tanner from director Jeff Franklin in the ABC comedy Full House, which she starred in from 1987 until 1995. The program grew in popularity and got high Nielson ratings, however, it did not receive favorable reviews from reviewers.

By the end of the comedy program, Full House Sweetin was addicted to booze and drugs at the age of 14. She began to fall deeper into addictions and remained so for the next 15 years. Her acting career was ended before it ever began.

Jodie returned to the entertainment sector in 2006, hosting Pants-Off Dance-Off, a dance competition show on Fuse Network. She also acted in Small Bits of Happiness, a pilot comedy that went on to win the Independent Television Festival Award for Best Comedy in Los Angeles.

Jodie began participating in independent films after gaining acclaim, including Port City and Redefining Love. She also joined the cast of Can’t Get Arrested, a web series. The next year, she portrayed Leia in the television film Singled Out.

Jodie rose to prominence after appearing in Full House, and in 2015, she resumed her role as Stephanie Tanner on the Netflix spin-off series Fuller House, which lasted five seasons and concluded in 2020. Jodie proceeded to feature in various TV projects after her debut on the famous show, including the documentary comedy series Hollywood Darlings in 2017.

Jodie Sweetin then created her podcast, Never Thought I’d Say This, with her closest friend Celia Behar in 2019. Celia is also well-known for being a qualified mental health consultant. Sweetin previously competed as a celebrity in the 22nd season of the 2016 dance reality shows Dancing With the Stars, finishing in 6th place.

Sweetin appeared in the sixth celebrity season of Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America, as well as CBS’s Beyond the Edge, in 2022. She also appeared in the second season of FOX’s Name That Tune and That’s So ’90s.

Jodie Sweetin Net Worth


Jodie Sweetin’s work on Full House earned her five nominations for Young Artist Awards for Outstanding Young Comedienne in the 1990s. In 2004, she was nominated for a TV Land Award in the category of Quintessential Non-Traditional Family. She has also received the Hope Award and the Experience, Strength Award from Writers in Treatment.

Personal Life:

Jodie Sweetin began dating Shaun Holguin, a Los Angeles COP, when she was 20 years old, and the two married soon after. Jodie was dealing with her drug addiction at the time, which she kept hidden from Shaun. Their marriage, however, did not continue long, and the pair divorced in 2006.

Jodie began dating film transport coordinator Cody Herpin in 2007 after meeting through a mutual acquaintance. Cody and Sweetin married in Las Vegas in May of that year. In April of the following year, the couple had their first child, a girl named Zoie Laurelmae Herpin. Jodie filed for divorce in late 2008, and the divorce was completed in early 2010.

Her divorce from Herpin had not been finalized when she started dating Morty Coyle in 2009. Sweeting and Morty have a daughter called Beatrix in 2010. The pair got engaged the following year, and their small wedding ceremony was place in Beverly Hills in March 2012. Morty and Jodie split up in June 2013.

Sweetin began dating Justin Hodak in 2015 and got engaged in early 2016. They split up in March of 2017.

Jodie was later romantically engaged with Mescal Wasilewski, and the couple publicly confirmed their engagement in 2022.

Jodie Sweetin Net Worth:

Jodie Sweetin Net Worth is expected to be at $2 million in 2022. She is a well-known actress in the country who began her career at the age of four by starring in a Sizzler Restaurants hot dog ad. She has since appeared in countless national television ads, as well as films, television series, and brand endorsements.

The majority of her income comes from her work on films and television programs, for which Jodie has received a significant salary. She appeared in advertisements for Kooshlings, Cheerios, Oscar Meyer, and other brands. Jodie Sweetin earns around $500 thousand each year.

Some Interesting Facts About Jodie Sweetin

  • She’s kept in touch with several of her Full House co-stars. In reality, she is still very close to them because the group spent a lot of time together throughout the years and became like another family to each other. Candace Cameron was even the matron of honor at her wedding, indicating that they did get close.
  • Her ambition was to work as a set coach for young performers. Jodie originally intended to be a teacher, but acting seemed to appeal to her instead. There’s nothing stopping her from achieving her ambition since she has enough experience and the type of pull that may allow her to acquire her degree and then potentially educate those young stars who don’t have time for a typical school experience.
  • She has been open about her adoption. There was a time when adoption was considered a filthy word since it implied that a mother couldn’t become pregnant on her own and so wasn’t made out to be the mothering kind. Obviously, this has been proven incorrect, as many people today consider adoption as a way for many children to have a better life than they would have if they were left to the system.
  • Jodie is the only person that appears in every episode of Full House. That’s a lot considering how many episodes there are and the fact that as a youngster, the schedules that are generally operated on such sets would be tougher to manage because show business doesn’t often slow down for younger stars.
  • She isn’t interested in acting full-time. Jodie has other things she wants to accomplish and hobbies she wants to pursue, but leaving show business is not her ultimate objective. She’s had too much fun on the set to just give up and go away.
  • She’s still easily identified, though folks are taken aback by how much she’s grown. It’s incredible that some people believe stars are designed to be imprisoned in time like a bug in amber, never changing and always remaining exactly as they were. There’s no question she’s still easily identified, but she’s developed into a lady, which makes people wonder where the time went.
  • Jodie got married on the Vegas strip in Las Vegas. The only reason this is considered significant is that you frequently hear about celebrities of any rank or status being married in spectacular hotels, churches, or other venues designed to evoke awe and a feeling of grandeur. According to some, the Vegas strip is the type of location where you get married while you’re dead drunk.
  • In primary school, she skipped a grade. We’ve all known at least one or two persons like this in our lives who were allowed to skip a grade because they were simply too advanced to be held at the same level as their peers.

‘Full House” Star Jodie Sweetin Shoved By LAPD 

Frequently Asked Questions about Jodie Sweetin

how much is Jodie Sweetin net worth

Jodie Sweetin net worth is currently 2 million dollars.

What is Jodie Sweetin’s salary?

Jodie Sweetin earns more than $500,000 per year.

How old is Jodie Sweetin?

Jodie Lee-Ann Sweetin, 40, was born on January 19, 1982, in Los Angeles, California.

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