Inflation & Gas Prices Changing Based On New Big Announcement

Inflation & Gas Prices Changing Based On New Big Announcement

Hello and welcome to today’s Daily News report, where I cover all the biggest stories affecting your life and money. You can visit our website daily because I keep you in the loop on what’s going on in Washington DC with President Biden and the US economy. Happy Labor Day. I hope you have some good plans for today.

Important Updates From President Biden and former President Donald Trump

Both President Biden and former President Donald Trump have recently given controversial speeches that are making headlines. While Biden attacked all Republicans that voted for Trump, Trump attacked the Democrat leaders and the FBI during a rally for Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania, Trump stated The FBI and the Justice Department have become vicious monsters controlled by radical left scoundrels, lawyers, and the media who tell them what to do.

Upon hearing these statements, Democrats have made parallels to January 6th, Democrat Senator Zoe Lofgren stated President Biden did caution Americans about extremism in his speech in Philadelphia, the ex-president is proving his case to call out law enforcement as vicious enemies. She concluded that Trump’s words could potentially be labeled as incitement of violence, as it parallels a similar tone Trump took on January 6.

So basically she’s saying Biden calling out Republicans is good. Trump calling out Democrats and the FBI as bad at its most basic level. However, Trump has called for peace previously regarding his supporters and law enforcement, so it’s a little different this time around. Trump also gave new details regarding the raid. He went on and stated, They rifled through the first lady’s closets, drawers, and everything else, and even did a deep and ugly search of the room of my 16-year-old son.

These new details would make any man frustrated. FBI agents going through your wife’s personal effects and also going through your teenage son’s room unnecessarily. While one could make an argument that Trump could have hidden documents in his teenage son’s bedroom, they found nothing but basically went through it with a fine tooth comb.

Now, some have questioned why Trump’s teenage son Barron had his room searched, but Hunter Biden’s room has not been searched. So just some interesting comments on the Internet. Now, Biden, on the other hand, has also been accused of instigation while using harsh language to put down Republican supporters. Biden was shadowed in red light with military men behind him.

This has sparked criticism against General Mark Milley, as he has not made a statement as to why military men were used during a political speech. Milley was previously in the spotlight in 2022 with Democrats for taking a photo with Trump as he walked from the White House to a church that was burned down in a peaceful protest.

Following the photo, Milley apologized. He said I should not have been there. My presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics. As a commissioned uniformed officer It was a mistake that I have learned from and I sincerely hope we can all learn from it.

Republicans are saying, where is the apology to Republicans? After giving a public apology to Democrats? Just before this broadcast, it was released that a judge ordered a special master will review all the documents taken from Trump’s Mar a Lago home during the FBI raid.

So somebody with high-security clearance is going to be able to go through each document and say what should be there, what shouldn’t be there, and give a detailed analysis for the FBI and for the Trump family. And I’m guessing a lot of this will be leaked to the media.

While President Biden and Trump are making headlines for offending people, former President Obama is making headlines for his soothing voice. On Saturday night, Obama won an Emmy Award for narrating our great national parks on Netflix. In fact, Obama is the second president to win an Emmy behind President Dwight Eisenhower in 1956.

OPEC Announcement

Today, out of nowhere, OPEC announced that they will be lowering the number of barrels they produce each day. They say they gave him a short temporary bump for Biden when he came to Saudi Arabia. Prices have changed and so will our daily production. Now, it’s not clear if this will make gas prices go up or down. My worry is, Less production equals higher prices.

But I hope I’m wrong. So it might need we might need Biden to go back in order to give another fist bump, in order to have them bump up the number of barrels per day they’re pulling out of the ground.

However, some analysts and I sincerely hope they’re right, they are saying that lower production could be forecasting that gas prices are about to come down and that these companies in the Middle East want to preserve their natural resources.

If gas prices do come down, this will single-handedly help lower the inflation-driven prices that we’re all dealing with right now. So, my fingers are crossed big time that gas is about to come down a bunch, and also inflation prices are about to come down a bunch as well.

Agent Timothy Firebolt

It’s now come out that Agent Timothy Firebolt, the FBI agent that was escorted out of the FBI building last week, was given the Hunter Biden laptop and he purposely chose to downplay the story and bury the details for as long as he could. In fact, The New York Times and many other media outlets called this a fake story for over 18 months. Then The New York Times was finally released. Wait a minute, this is a true story.

We’ve also learned that the FBI interviewed Hunter Biden’s business partner, Tony Bobulinski, in late October, and there were many damning details about the Biden family and the then-running Biden and his involvement in Hunter’s business dealings. This is according to The New York Post on Sunday.

So on the one hand, you have people bothered that Republicans are becoming more vocal about their suspicions of the FBI. On the other hand, we find out that the FBI asked Facebook to bury the story, and Twitter buried the story.

They withheld crucial information about Biden’s business partners’ testimony to the FBI, and they kept quiet so as to not affect a presidential election, but in the long run, had a huge effect on the 2020 presidential election.

Russia and Ukraine

Also over the weekend, Russia shelled Ukraine’s second-largest city. The shelling caused a wooden restaurant to burn and one person died from the injuries. The war has been nearly nonstop as fear of a nuclear disaster grows due to Russia and Ukraine shelling each other in the presence of a nuclear power plant.

We also learned over the weekend that Putin is ordering jails to do an assessment of their inmates to see who could be released from prison early and immediately drafted and sent off to fight in the Ukraine-Russia war. I also told you last week that an international group of nuclear scientists has been deployed to the nuclear power plant that Putin said Ukraine has been attacking and than blaming Russia.

Now, remember, Putin said, we’re not doing this, but no one’s going to believe me. So he asked French President Emmanuel Macron to order the investigation. Those inspectors will be there all week, but they’ve already publicly announced that they’re finding damage that is giving them serious pause as to whether there could be nuclear fallout that would affect all of Europe. I’ll continue to monitor the story.

It’s a really big deal based on who actually caused the damage. Is there some kind of cover-up story and is this going to affect Europe and essentially all the world because of the food supply war? You know, just all the damage that comes from nuclear fallout.

Zelensky also told Europe, to send us more money, and more weapons. And because of the war, your citizens should prepare to freeze this winter. Kind of gloomy information, right? Geez. Yikes.

All right. Now, Putin has said to remove the sanctions and we will repair the gas pipeline that would bring cheap energy back to Europe. So Europe and NATO are going to have to decide on letting their people starve and freeze or removing the sanctions that aren’t really doing that much good and letting Russia start sending energy back to European nations.

$1 billion weapons package for Taiwan

As Ukraine tries to fend off Russia, Biden is calling on Congress to pass a $1 billion weapons package for Taiwan. I believe this time of year is when the weather is best for China’s naval branch to attack the island of Taiwan.

And so it’s not clear whether the United States knows this. And they’re saying, hey, let’s start beefing up the Taiwanese military to discourage an attack, or if this is just all playing out on its own, naturally, hopefully, the United States doesn’t find itself fighting two proxy wars, as this would drain us the United States monetarily and would spread the US military too thin.

California has announced a flex alert

Critics of green energy argue that California’s recent electric vehicle charging restriction shows that the demand for clean energy is unrealistic at this time. California has announced a flex alert, which advised California residents not to charge their cars during 4 to 9:00 pm. California is currently undergoing an energy shortage as they face an oncoming heat wave due to their moves to get rid of natural gas and nuclear power.

Critics argue that this transition away from natural gas and nuclear energy toward green energy is being rushed too quickly and it will result in damaging citizens and the California economy. So they tell citizens one day, no more gas-powered cars in the future, and then not even five days later, they’re saying, do not plug in your electric cars, unplug all of your unused electronics, or else we are going to have rolling blackouts.

So getting really, really mixed signals. Now, this is my update for today. As I know more, I will definitely come on and share more with you. Again, I hope you have a great Labor Day before you go.

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