Walkthrough for the Elden Ring Red Wolf of Radagon boss fight: Best advice on how to defeat the Red Wolf

Walkthrough for the Elden Ring Red Wolf of Radagon boss fight: Best advice on how to defeat the Red Wolf

How to Defeat Red Wolf of Radagon

You already know that the boss battles in Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco, would be a difficult chore for anybody, even if you are a veteran of such games. After completing the Academy of Raya Lucaria, you will be faced with a miniboss in the shape of the Red Wolf of Radagon. Here’s how to fight the Red Wolf of Radagon in Elden Ring so you have the best chance of surviving.

Elden Ring: How to Defeat Red Wolf of Radagon

To begin, you need to be about level 35-40, depending on whether you want a melee-focused or ranged build. The Red Wolf of Radagon is a considerably more formidable opponent than the different wolves seen throughout the game.

The fight takes place in a small area, and while the boss has a lot of influence over the situation, all you have to worry about is having enough room to evade assaults. It’s best to stay near the center of the room and keep away from the corners.

To defeat the Red Wolf of Radagon, you must keep out of close range, play defensively, and strike cautiously just when a window comes up. Its combinations are limited to three strikes, and you don’t have much time to respond if you successfully avoid or if its assault misses. After its jumping slash, you have the best chance of doing any damage, but even then, you should only get one or two swings in. If you can call some aid using Spirit Ashes, they may also serve as wonderful diversions for the boss.

You can evade all projectiles by racing sideways when it uses them. When the Red Wolf of Radagon lays down a single or triple of swordtraps, it is preparing for a long-ranged lunge. Rolling at the precise moment immediately before it reaches you can let you dodge all of the damage.

It’s nearly hard to stun or even make the boss flinch if you want to do so. Using throwables in addition to your usual melee or ranged strikes, however, might ultimately force it to stagger, allowing for a critical hit. Jumping powerful strikes can assist, but with such a tiny window, it’s not recommended.

Maintain a safe distance, saturate it with spells and ranged attacks, and strike when it misses. The struggle against the Red Wolf of Radagon in Elden Ring is an attrition battle, but there are no additional terrible surprises in store.

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Here are our best recommendations for defeating the deadly Red Wolf of Radagon in short:

  1. Boost your magical defenses as much as possible.
  2. Roll into the jump attack of the Red Wolf.
  3. Memorize the boss’s basic moves.
  4. Don’t dodge too early

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