How to Finish Elden Ring’s Ranni The Witch Side Quest

How to Finish Elden Ring's Ranni The Witch Side Quest
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Elden Ring is a big game. You’ve probably already observed this. It’s packed with creatures to slaughter, weapons to acquire, and sidequests to accomplish. Ranni the Witch’s sidequest is possibly the largest of any. It’s possibly Elden Ring’s most important non-essential quest, as it takes you through two endless cities and a lake of genuine rot.

Ranni’s goal is worthwhile to complete for three reasons. First, you’ll learn some useful information. Second, you’ll be rewarded with even more precious stuff. Finally, it will influence which endings are offered to you. To begin the quest, you must first unlock the Liurnia of the Lakes location. This guide will walk you through the entire game, from meeting Ranni to defeating the final boss in the questline.

En route to Ranni's Rise.
On the way to Ranni’s Rise.
Bandai Namco/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

Travel northwest of Liurnia, through Carnia Manor, to begin Ranni’s mission. If you defeat the dungeon’s boss, you’ll unlock a way to a field teeming with glintstone crystals.

This area is patrolled by three towers and one dragon. Ranni’s Rise can be found to the west of the field after you pass the dragon. You’ll find Ranni in her chamber at the top, where she’ll seek your services. Accept her request and proceed downstairs to meet her other three servants, Iji, Blaidd, and Seluvis.

Blaidd is the main NPC in this scene. The wolfman will inform you that he wishes to inspect Nokron, the Eternal City and that you should meet him at the Siofra tunnel. Well. You can do it, but this step is entirely optional. To begin the mission properly, you must defeat Starscourge Radahn. Best wishes!

When you defeat him, a falling star will collide with the Lands Between. Fortunately, it will occur in the exact location that permits you to travel to Nokron. This enables you to go on Ranni the Witch’s mission.

Nokron, the Eternal City

The purpose of exploring Nokron in Elden ring is to find Ranni the Fingerslayer Blade. You’ll also find a lot of useful stuff along the journey, such as the Mimic Tear summon and a slew of Grave and Ghost Gloveworts, which are used to level up your summon ashes. To begin, you’ll need to find the entrance to Nokron.

Visit the Grace Site in Fort Haight West. As you ride Torrent up the route, you’ll notice a cluster of flying rocks in the sky. The falling star landed in the Lands Between. You’ll find a path inside Nokron, the Eternal City if you platform down the floating rubble. You’ll enter through half-destroyed buildings, cross abyssal rooftops, and run through a fallen tower that serves as a bridge into another massive building. Jump through the open window and follow the path to a Site of Grace.

To find Nokron, start at Fort Haight West's Site of Grace and follow the path northwest.
To find Nokron, begin in Fort Haight West’s Site of Grace and proceed northwest.
Bandai Namco/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

Once you've found floating rocks, you know you're in the right place.
Once you’ve found floating rocks, you know you’re in the right place.
Bandai Namco/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

Run into the town square, defeating all of the evil guys and collecting all of the items along the way, and then descend the flight of stairs at the far north end of the area. Follow the trail and you’ll be treated to a view of Nokron before hitting a yellow magic wall that indicates a boss area. The Mimic Tear, which is an identical clone of your character, may be found here. When you defeat it, you will receive the Mimic Tear summon, which will be of great assistance to you once it has been powered up a few levels.

You can sit at the Site of Grace after defeating the Mimic Tear. You’ll cross a bridge beyond the Site of Grace. (Note: You can now ride Torrent.) You’ll arrive in a large open region teeming with blade-wielding animals of the deadliest type. Dealing with them is part of a different quest, so ignore them. Following the road, you’ll come upon one of the monsters on a hill near a statue. As she sings, she will radiate a blue aura. The torrent should ride to the trail on the left side of the hill where the singing beast resides. Follow the path around the corner to find a Site of Grace.

See the beast emitting a blue aura? Ride Torrent to the path just to the left of the hill she's on, then follow around the corner to the left, and you'll find a Site of Grace.
See the beast emitting a blue aura? Ride Torrent to the path just to the left of the hill she’s on, then follow around the corner to the left, and you’ll find a Site of Grace.
Bandai Namco/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

Jump on the rooftops to the right to begin your descent into the Night's Sacred Ground.
Begin your descent into the Night’s Sacred Ground by jumping onto the rooftops to the right.
Bandai Namco/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

Use this makeshift bridge to get into the cathedral and beat the bad guys within.
Use this makeshift bridge to enter the church and defeat the bad guys within.

Climb onto the rooftop visible on the right. Run ahead, then jump down onto the ledge of the next building, then run around the back to the other side. When you jump down the route, two blobs will transform into Silver Tear warriors and attack you, indicating that you’ve entered the Night’s Sacred Ground. It’s only a matter of following the trodden road from here: run to the other side of the area you’re in, sprint along the roofs, and you’ll find a makeshift bridge leading into a cathedral. Beat the wicked folks inside, then leave, go downstairs, and look for a Site of Grace.

You’ll be faced with a long route packed with black sludge monsters. Beat or run past them all to the large building at the end of the trail. There’s a treasure chest inside with the Fingerslayer Blade.

Up those steps, inside this tower, is a chest with the Fingerslayer Blade inside.
Inside this tower, up those steps, is a chest containing the Fingerslayer Blade.
Bandai Namco/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

Ainsel River, Nokstella and the Lake of Rot

Ranni will thank you and give you the Carian Inverted Statue if you give her the Fingerslayer Blade. It’s not a particularly exciting reward, but it’s necessary for unlocking one of the game’s multiple endings.

This is a side task from Ranni’s quest, but I’m including it because it requires the Carian Inverted Statue that Ranni gives you.

Bring the Inverted Statue to the Carian Study Hall and place it on the pedestal in the center of the room. Walk up the stairs on either side of the pedestal, then down into the lift shaft and through the doorway, where you’ll be ambushed by a couple of little-hand monsters. You’ll see that the study hall has been completely turned upside down. Your mission is to platform down from the top of the hall, onto the chandeliers, then the wood beams, and ultimately onto a platform that will take you to the Liurnia Tower Bridge. Your path will be hindered by the Godskin Noble, a difficult miniboss that you must defeat. When you enter the Divine Tower of Liurnia, you will be rewarded with the Cursemark of Death. You can deliver this artifact to Fia in the Deeproot Depths to open a grueling boss fight and, ultimately, an alternate ending for Elden Ring.

Head to Renna's Rise to continue the quest after giving Ranni the Fingerslayer Blade.
After delivering Ranni the Fingerslayer Blade, proceed to Renna’s Rise to complete the mission.

You'll find a teleporter in Renna's chamber, which will send you to Ainsel River.
In Renna’s chamber, you’ll locate a teleporter that will transport you to Ainsel River.

Returning to Ranni’s questline, proceed to Renna’s Rise after giving Ranni the Fingerslayer Blade. A transporter will take you to Ainsel River Main at the top of the tower.

Once there, proceed forward to find a Site of Grace. A Ranni the Witch Doll will be there for you to pick up. Return to the Site of Grace, take a break, and you’ll see at the bottom of the menu that you can “Talk to miniature Ranni.” Tap this choice multiple times (you’ll receive no answer the first few times), and it’ll finally prompt you to destroy the Baleful Shadow.

Following the river will lead you to the Uhl Place Ruins, which feature a floating worm thing that sends rocks smashing at you. Run beneath it and southwest through the Ainsel River to find Nokstella, Eternal City. It’s stunning. It’s worthwhile to explore the entire area, but for the purposes of this guide, kill all of the ants and sludge monsters on the river. Continue forward to find an elevator shaft to the left that will transport you deeper into Nokstella’s depths. There is a Site of Grace there, as well as a cave opening in front of you.

Passing through will lead you to an ominously red area where you will be attacked by the Baleful Shadow. It’s worth noting that if you haven’t spoken to the Ranni doll, the Baleful will not appear.

Once you pick up the Miniature Ranni the Witch doll, you'll have this option to speak to it at a Site of Grace. You'll have to press this option several times to get a response.
Once you’ve obtained the Miniature Ranni the Witch doll, you’ll be able to converse with it at a Site of Grace. To get a response, you’ll have to tap this option numerous times.

The Lake of Rot. Run northeast to find a huge temple with a Site of Grace inside.
The Lake of Rot. Run northeast to find a huge temple with a Site of Grace inside. 

After defeating the Baleful Shadow, you’ll receive a Discarded Palace Key, which you can use to open the treasure chest in Raya Lucaria’s Grand Library to obtain the Dark Moon Ring. Continue on from where you fought the Baleful Shadow to discover a lift that will take you down to the Lake of Rot.

You can face an optional boss here, a Dragonkin Soldier, for which you’ll receive a Dragonscale Blade, but if you’re in a hurry, scurry diagonally over the Lake of Rot. Obviously, because it’s a rotten lake, your health will gradually deteriorate as you run through it. You can avoid this by creating and consuming Preserving Boluses on a regular basis, or simply refilling your health with your Flask of Crimson Tears. In any case, cross the lake and enter the massive temple to locate the Site of Grace.

Drop down to the bottom of the platform, clear the room of foes, and go to the Grand Cloister temple. There’s stuff inside, including a Scorpion’s Stinger dagger, but what we’re looking for is to the left of the entryway. You’ll come across a coffin, which takes you to a room of relief in front of a large boss. You’ll be up against Astel, Naturalborn of the Voice, a huge scorpion freak. It’s a difficult combat because Astel is both enormous and fast, and it frequently distances itself from you by moving itself to the opposite side of the arena. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to see a lift that will transport you up to the Moonlight Alter. (Note: If you don’t have the Dark Moon Ring, a huge magical shield would block your path.)

The hole in the ground is hard to see -- it's to the right of my character here.
The hole in the ground is hard to see — it’s to the right of my character here.

You’ll be looking at a cathedral when you’re halted by a Glintstone Dragon. Inside the Cathedral of Manus Celes, beat it or sprint past it. I chose to fight the dragon, which was a mistake. On the plus side, defeating it will net you 120,000 runes and three dragon hearts.

There is a Site of Grace on the inside, as well as a difficult-to-see hole in the earth. Ranni can be found by diving into the hole. You’ll be rewarded with the Dark Moon Greatsword if you give her the Dark Moon Ring. Congratulations, you’ve completed what could be Elden Ring’s most important sidequest.

If you return to Ranni’s Rise after completing the mission, you’ll find Blaidd waiting for you. He’s going to pick a battle with you. You’ll obtain his armor if you kill him. Then go to Iji on the Road to the Manor Site of Grace and tell him about Blaidd. After that, transport away and back to the same Site of Grace. You’ll find Iji’s Bell Bearing, which allows you to purchase Somber Smithing Stones 1-4 from the Twin Maiden Husks, as well as his helmet, where he formerly stood.

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