How to Defeat Starscourge Radahn in the Elden Ring

radahn in the elden ring
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In Elden Ring, there are numerous boss battles to face, but none are quite like the one with Starscourge Radahn. This fight is unique in that it is not only located in a large arena with a lot of ground to traverse, but he also has the ability to take you out within seconds of the fight starting.

We’ll break down Radahn’s abilities, how to rely on your assets and the best techniques for defeating him in this article. Following the completion of the Stormveil Castle and Academy of Raya Lucaria dungeons, this fight occurs in the middle of Elden Ring. So be forewarned: minor spoilers ahead.

Elden Ring : Pre-Battle Information

This conflict takes place in the Caelid region’s desert north of Redmane Castle. While conquering Radahn isn’t completely necessary, most players will run into him after exploring Caelid. If you choose to skip this and continue playing the game, you will lose access to several of the game’s later events. You’ll need to meet various NPCs on your trek through Limgrave and Liurnia to participate in this conflict. You’ll run across various characters you’ve encountered along the way within the castle. These characters will give you advice and help you prepare for the “Festival,” where you’ll meet Radahn.

Breakdown of the Boss Fight

Boss Fight
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General Radahn, also known as Starscourge Radahn, is such a dangerous opponent because he is skilled in practically every area of battle. He can pick you off from afar with his big arrows, which is the first sign that you’re in for a fight. He wields enormous twin swords with tremendous range when fighting at close range. He may easily deplete all of your health with a single combination hit. Furthermore, thanks to his loyal steed (called Leonard), he is extremely mobile and can easily close the distance on you. Finally, he has lethal magic spells that he uses in the later stages of the battle.

Simply said, this is a fight that has the potential to result in your character’s death quickly and brutally, leaving you, the player, frustrated at what you must do to progress. One thing to keep in mind during this war is that you are not fighting alone. You can enlist the assistance of the many characters you’ve seen thus far. You’ll see several summon signals in the arena that you can engage with.

You’ll need to activate these signs quickly if you want to bring in your tiny army of NPC warriors, each with their own set of skills to utilize against Radahn in battle. However, don’t rely on them too heavily because they only cause minimal damage and are usually used as a diversion to the boss.

Patches are one of the NPCs you can summon. He’ll be available to summon into battle if you keep him alive in Limgrave’s Murkwater Depths dungeon. As soon as he spots Radahn on his horse, though, he’ll cut and run. Patches should never be trusted.

First Phase Strategy

To begin with, you should avoid summoning another human player to assist you. While you can summon the numerous AI characters, calling in another player has the drawback of preventing you from summoning your horse Torrent. This is a combat in which you’ll need to cover a lot of ground quickly, and while the extra backup can assist, you’ll still need to keep ahead of Radahn and close the distance swiftly when necessary. Riding Torrent is quite beneficial in this regard.

Make sure you’re fixed on Radahn in the distance when the combat starts, and keep an eye on what he does next. He always begins combat by shooting three to four purple, gravity magic-infused arrows. This section is crucial since the conflict might end here; you’ll need to dodge roll between the arrows or take cover in the bundles of weapons strewn about the arena.

If you are hit with an arrow once, your character will most certainly die instantaneously. The key to this portion of the fight is to summon your buddies while avoiding his strikes.

Radahn will eventually unleash a hail of arrows that will slowly make their way towards you. You can block through most of it if you have a thick shield and a lot of stamina, but it’s best to ride on Torrent and escape the arrows by moving swiftly away.

Your allies will eventually engage Radahn, driving him into close combat. From here, you’ll need to select your moments and strike the boss when the other combatants are preoccupied. The name of the game is “stick and move.” You can cast spells against him if you’re a magician, but if his attention is drawn to you, you should go.

If you’re a close-range fighter, you’re in for a more dangerous fight because you’ll have to get close to him frequently. Continue to hit him with attacks and restore your pals at new summoning places, and he’ll ultimately enter the next phase of the fight… in a big way.

Second Phase Strategy

Second Phase Strategy
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Radahn will leap into the air and disappear once half of his health has been gone. Keep your eyes open for a dazzling light in the sky, as Radahn will come barreling down to the earth like a comet. If you don’t keep your distance, his dramatic return to the planet will quickly kill you, forcing you to restart the combat. Radahn is more powerful now that he has learned to employ gravity magic.

He’ll utilize his magic to conjure up gigantic rocks that act as homing missiles, in addition to throwing forth waves of energy with swings from his sword — which can be avoided by jumping over them. When he summons these, they will hover for a while over his shoulder. When a bright flare appears around the rocks, though, it’s time to take cover.

There are various mounds of sand dispersed over the hill, which you’ll likely be fighting towards the middle of the arena. These mounds provide excellent cover, so if you need to flee quickly, ride Torrent down the hill and out of Radahn’s line of sight to avoid the big rocks.

The key to defeating Radahn is to stick to your attacks and move with them while keeping your teammates in the game. Regardless of how hard he hits, Radhan can still take a beating if everyone assaults at the same time.

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If you hit several strong blows on him rapidly enough, you may be able to stagger him. You will finally be able to defeat one of Elden Ring’s most over-the-top battles if you maintain your patience and attention and keep picking the correct moments to strike.

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