Hitman Holla’s Net Worth in 2022: Salary, Career, Interesting Facts, and Biography

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Hitman Holla’s Net Worth

Hitman Holla’s Net Worth: Hitman Holla’s net worth is $5 million as of 2022. Hitman Holla is an American Battle rapper from St. Louis, Missouri. He is one of the most well-known and successful battle rappers in the country, because of his stint on the SMACK/URL rap circuit. After appearing in rap battle leagues such as SMACK/URL and Battle America, Hitman Holla grew to prominence.

He rose to fame in the entertainment sector because of his distinct aggressive style and unrivaled punch lines in his songs. Gerald Fulton Jr., better known by his stage name Hitman Holla, is his true name. Hitman began his career as a battle rapper and worked his way up to become one of the most well-known and successful artists in the industry. In this article, we’ll discuss Hitman Holla’s net worth, as well as his per-episode income, career, biography, lavish lifestyle, and more.

Hitman Holla’s Net Worth 2022:

  • Hitman Holla’s net worth is $5 million and he is 34 years old.
  • His per episode salary is about $30,000
  • Battle Rapper by Profession
  • Gender Male
  • Aries is his zodiac sign.


Gerald Fulton Jr., better known as Hitman Holla, was born on March 29, 1988, in St. Louis, Missouri, to African-American parents. Gerald Fulton Senior is his father’s name, and Sue Fulton is his mother’s. He grew up alongside his younger brother, Show out, who is also pursuing a battle rapping career.

His brother Show out rose to prominence after one of his rap battle videos went viral on the video-sharing website WorldStarHipHop. Moving on to his study, Hitman Holla received a full scholarship to California State University, Northridge. He was really interested in athletics while in college and played a lot of basketball, but he eventually acquired an interest in rap and began his career.


Hitman aspired to be a professional basketball player at the start of his career, but his focus shifted to rap later on. He got his rap inspiration from battle rappers X-Factor and Murda Mook, who inspired him to start a profession with their aggressive vocal style and stunning rhymes.

By entering the Flight Klub league, Hitman began his professional career as a Battle rapper. He had a chance to beat Remy D in the first rap battle. He got to prominence after defeating Bill Collector, after which he honed his rapping skills and climbed to recognition. Hitman’s career took a turn for the better when he joined fight leagues like Battle America and SMACK/URL.

He became a famous celebrity and gained more renown after battling on these shows. Math Hoffa, Goodz, Arsonal, Conceited, and Hollow Da Don were among the rapper’s Hitman defeated in his rap battle leagues. In addition to his successes, he has suffered defeats in rap battles.

Holla was removed from the Battle American Fight Club SMACK/URL for threatening to beat Norbes, one of the show’s members. Holla then joined the cast of Season 6 of the hit comedy program Wild ‘n Out. Following Conceited, he was the second battle rapper to appear on the show.

Hitman released his debut song, Ball Game, on June 11, 2013. The CD costs around $8.91 and is available on Amazon. Hitman joined up with rapper Jeff to release his other single, Diddy Dum Dum, after a three-year hiatus. In addition to music, he appeared in the film She Ball in 2020.

Hitman Holla's net worth

Personal Life of Hitman Holla:

In terms of Hitman Holla’s girlfriend, he is now dating social media sensation Cinnamon. They frequently publish vlogs to their joint YouTube page and frequently share photos on Instagram. Cinnamon, his girlfriend, was also selected as a brand ambassador for Lash U Studio, an eyelash business. Holla is the father of a kid named Geremiah Fulton, but he hasn’t revealed his son’s mother’s identity.

Quick Biography of Hitman Holla:

Full NameGerald Fulton Jr.
NicknameHitman Holla
Date Of BirthMarch 29, 1988
Birth PlaceSt. Louis, Missouri,
United States
Height5 ft 10 inches (177 cm)
Weight80 kg (176 lbs)
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
FatherBig Gerald
MotherSue Fulton
Education QualificationGraduated
Hitman Holla’s Net Worth$5 Million

Hitman Holla’s Net Worth:

Hitman Holla’s net worth is predicted to be about $5 million in 2022. He’s become one of the most well-known battle rappers in the world, and he’s already amassed a sizable wealth from his earnings. Holla has amassed a substantial sum of money after winning a number of rap bouts. Hitman Holla is said to charge around $30,000 every rap battle, according to some sources.

Smack/URL’s NOME and URL’s Summer Madness are two of his most well-known events, from which he has garnered not just renown but also riches. His enterprises, in addition to receiving money from TV shows, are a source of revenue for him. Hitman started a clothing business called Ball Game, through which he earns a lot of money. He’s appeared in movies such as She Ball and Games People Play.

Hitman Holla: 10 Things You Should Know

  1. Hitman was deeply involved in gang wars early in his career.
  2. According to reports, he was facing two murder charges.
  3. He has participated in a variety of sports in addition to basketball.
  4. His younger brother is a rap artist as well.
  5. He has a lot of tattoos all over his body.
  6. Hitman’s father has also made appearances at his numerous shows.
  7. Holla is a car fanatic that owns a number of high-end cars.
  8. Gerald Fulton Jr. used his social media accounts to share a lot of his childhood memories.
  9. His official Instagram account has more than 1.6 million followers as of 2022.
  10. In addition, he has his own YouTube channel.

Hitman Holla’s Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 First and foremost, who is Hitman Holla?

Ans. He is a rapper as well as a vocalist.

Q. 2 What is Hitman Holla’s age?

Ans. He has 33 years on this planet (as of 2021).

Q. 3 Who is the wife of Hitman Holla?

Ans. Cinnamon has been his girlfriend for a long time.

Q. 4 How much Hitman Holla’s net worth is?

Ans. $5-6 million USD is the answer (approx.).

Q. 5 What happened with his girlfriend?

Ans. Burglars who broke into his home shot her in the face.

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