Bitcoin is now proving its true value in 3 different countries across the globe

Who would have thought this would happen? In the time of a global crisis, Bitcoin would be the savior, the one beacon of light saving millions of citizens from financial exclusion and destruction. Well here we are today, a world in crisis and Bitcoin is proving itself before our eyes.

Bitcoin blasts past $41k resistance

bitcoin price chart

Bitcoin is looking really good after trying to break 40k resistance since last Friday, as of a few days back it was official BTC broke it and was holding above it, shooting up towards 41k. Now, this level is very very important and a break of it would signal more than likely a bullish run.

Clemente tweeted

Will Clemente tweeted some days back “Bitcoin pressing up against 40.7k resistance. This is the level that has defined nearly the entire 30-60k range, showing the chart which clearly shows this resistance and support has proved to be a tough one to blast through in the past, but when it does, it usually signals a furious upward run.

So why is Bitcoin running while what it usually follows, the stock market opened falling? Well as we can see from that headline below, the Dow Fell, but Gold surged and jumped to open on Monday!!

stock market falling

Remember Bitcoin is supposed to be gold 2.0. And in a span of just a couple of weeks, Bitcoin is proving to populations across the globe. That is exactly what it is. Canadians, Ukrainian, and Russians are getting exposure to Bitcoin as their financial systems fail them all for different reasons.

Canadian Government can’t stop BTC for Truckers

Everyone knows about the truckers in Canada. The government started to stop traditional avenues of fundraising, they started to freeze the protestor’s bank accounts, which limited access to the traditional financial system.

So where did they turn to for holding wealth? Of course to Bitcoin, and the government tried to stop it, the Canadian government-sanctioned 34 crypto wallets tied to the truckers. Well did this work? No, you can’t stop Bitcoin.

A pseudonymous Bitcoiner known as NobodyCaribou on Twitter has been working with the truckers and the Bitcoin community at large to create a p2p platform to fundraise, a temporary protocol to distribute the raised funds.

And it worked, NobodyCaribou tweeted February 17th “Mission accomplished. Epic P2P bitcoin wallet airdrop. Team of two, distributed to 90 (ish) truckers over 24 hours. 14.6 BTC. Unstoppable freedom money to support Canadians claiming their freedom. A protocol created by the Bitcoin community, led by @JWWeatherman.

tweet by nobodycaribou

Thanks to everyone who gave their sats and their input over DMs. Amazing humans in the Bitcoin world” Bitcoin proved itself to be strong enough to be out of the reach of a first-world government with first-world financial surveillance powers. They couldn’t stop the fundraising efforts of the truckers and that was all thanks to Bitcoin.

Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine banks

Although the real proof of Bitcoins power shone through when the fighting broke out between Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine is being bombarded by Russia, not only with physical weapons but in the cloud too.

Russia has been launching a series of Cyberattacks against government websites and of course Ukrainian banks. They are trying to stop their flow of money, aka a lifeline when your country’s sovereignty is in jeopardy.

Ukraine Government raises over $13 MIL in crypto donations

Where do you think Ukraine turned to when the banks seized to work? Well over the weekend and just a few days ago, the official Ukraine twitter tweeted “Stand with the people of Ukraine. Now accepting cryptocurrency donations.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT” with their crypto address to donate to, and it wasn’t only their Twitter, Ukraine Prime Minister Mykhailo Federov tweeted the same thing.

Ukraine raised over $4M crypto

Now as we can see from this article posted February 25th, just 1 day before the tweet from Ukraine officials, they were already raising funds. 4 million had been raised, well after the full-on government support of the assets, we can see that number significantly jumped to over 13 million raised.

And that is only the beginning of the donations, I’m sure throughout this week that number will steadily rise.

So, on one hand, you have a government trying to stop fundraising and wealth storage with crypto assets, a la Canada, but on the other hand, you have governments in Europe seeing its value during cyberattacks, proving to be a powerful, regulation and bank resistant means of sending large amounts of money even into conflict zones.

BTC chart

And the people of Ukraine are using the BTC. As we can see from this chart trading volume for Bitcoin against Ukraine’s currency the Hryvnia is spiking, reaching the levels not seen since October of last year.

Russian Ruble dropping off a cliff, bank runs apparent

Bitcoin can survive attacks by large first-world governments, bitcoin can survive cyber-attacks, but can bitcoin be a savior when a government’s own currency is collapsing? Well yes, because that is happening in Russia with their currency the Ruble.

Russia is facing a financial meltdown as the European Union and the west block their access to the financial messaging system SWIFT.

This was announced over the weekend in a joint statement from the UK, European Commission, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, and the United States. The statement said “First, we commit to ensuring that selected Russian banks are removed from the SWIFT messaging system.

This will ensure that these banks are disconnected from the international financial system and harm their ability to operate globally.” Well, what do you think happened to the Russia Ruble yesterday when the markets opened, Collapse!!

The Russian ruble dropped to its lowest level ever, dropping to 117 rubles per dollar, aka 1 ruble is less than an American penny. This was a collapse of over 41 percent.

Now the last time the ruble fell like this was back in 2014 when the first invaded Crimea and Obama put sanctions on them although, that wasn’t SWIFT sanctions and that collapse was over the span of a year, not just a couple of weeks.

What do you think the Russian people are doing?? Getting their money out of the banks!

This video was posted over the weekend, and citizens even before the collapse were rushing to ATMs and banks. I’m sure now that the collapse has commenced these lines are even more crazy and long, as people attempt to flee their country’s currency.

Last week alone on Thursday, Russians withdrew more than 100 billion rubles which were worth over $1 billion, but with Monday’s drop is less than a billion from their accounts. And even Russian banks outside of Russian borders are starting to limit what can be done.

The Slovenian unit of Russia’s Sberbank has limited the withdrawals of its customers to reduce the excessive outflow of deposits from the bank.

The bank will be closed until tomorrow, but until then withdrawals and payments with cards issued by the lender are limited to just 400 euros daily! A full cutoff may be imposed when they do open Wednesday.

BTC in Russia surging

What do you think is happening to Bitcoin against the Russia Ruble? EXPLOSION!! It’s reaching heights not seen since December of last year aka when Bitcoin was above 50k in USD terms.

And volume against the Russia Ruble is seeing heights which outdo the volume seen during the Bitcoin peaks, over 1000 billion Rubles from just last week there is an over 121 percent increase in volume.

Obviously, something is going on. Russian people are rushing to Bitcoin to save their wealth!! Although…it’s not the middle class and regular joes of Russia who hold all the wealth. It’s the Oligarchs.

Russian oligarchs published by the U.S.-based National Economic Bureau

How much money could be sitting on the sidelines waiting for BTC from these guys? Well, a 2017 study of Russian oligarchs published by the U.S.-based National Economic Bureau estimated that as much as $800 billion is held by wealthy Russians in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Cyprus, and similar offshore banking centers.

Well, one of those offshore entities, Switzerland and Swiss bank accounts announced that they were going to be freezing Russian assets. Just imagine, if a group of Russian oligarchs plough $100b into Bitcoin to escape the sanctions?

How high do you think Bitcoin will rise?? Well, people know this might be the coming case…the Vice PM of Ukraine who was asking for donations of crypto also tweeted “I’m asking all major crypto exchanges to block addresses of Russian users.

It’s crucial to freeze not only the addresses linked to Russian and Belarusian politicians but also to sabotage ordinary users.” Well, my friend’s Bitcoin it’s an asset and currency governments can’t control, they can’t stop, but they all will one day use it.

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