Best tips on how to change your money mindset?

Best tips on how to change your money mindset?

Hello and welcome back to our website The Comprehensive Minds. Today you’ll learn how to change your money mindset for the better. First, I’m gonna help you identify exactly what your money mindset is, it’s a proven technique. Next, we’re gonna dive into exactly how to improve your money mindset. So you actually start making more money, start attracting more money, it’s going to be awesome. And lastly, I’m gonna give you two powerful exercises to help you get more money.

How To Examine Your Money Mindset

So how do you know what your money mindset actually is, and this may challenge you? But the reality is, that your money mindset is equal to how much money you have. And I know, I know, You’ve read Think and Grow Rich, and you’ve read it three times, and you’ve read all these different books and attended courses, and you know a lot about money.

But your actual money mindset is reflected back to you based on how much money you actually have in assets and retirement planning and funds and bank account, etc. And I know that that may be tough to hear. But hopefully, if you stick with me here, it’ll give you some hope, because you can change it, you can change it.

You know, Vadim Zealand, says that your reality is a slow-moving mirror reflection of what’s inside you, your beliefs, your emotions, and your thoughts. And so everything out there is just it’s based on who you have been. Okay. So, however, you’ve been showing up that has slowly materialized into your reality.

So if you struggle with money, if you don’t have a lot of money, that’s because you have beliefs about money. Maybe you believe that having more money is bad, or greedy, or evil, or during those corporate fat cats or whatever, the poor money mindset that has invaded your space, and that you bought into, you know if you watch, you know, the media, or Hollywood or politicians, they’ll have you believe that people with a lot of money earned off the backs of others, and they they’re terrible.

If you believe that, then you know, you’ll just never have a lot of money, because you wouldn’t want to become something that you despise, you’ll never become something you despise. With that understanding, there’s hope. And so if we know that our reality out there is just a slow-moving mirror reflection of what’s in here, then we need to change what’s in here, don’t we?

So this morning, I shaved, right, what I didn’t do is I didn’t squirt shaving cream on my on the mirror and run a razor along it because that wouldn’t make any sense. I focused on the source, I focus on the source of the hair, not the reflection of the hair. Now, that analogy, hopefully, maybe you’re catching on is instead of trying to change your bank account, may want to change, it needs to increase.

You need to change your beliefs about money, and why you should have more money in that bank account. And so we’re gonna dive into that now. I used to be the guy, I was the guy with all the answers and no money in the bank. So I would attend events, and I’m gonna, I’ve heard that before.

Oh, that’s from a book, you know, and I was broke, I was broke. So what the hell am I doing trying to answer questions or thinking that I have all the answers, right? Silly. And so it’s not what you know, or what you think, you know, it’s actually what is in your reality. That’s the better test of what your money mindset is.

How To Improve Your Money Mindset

So here’s a way that you can improve your money mindset. And that is, list out all the good things that you would do, if only you had more money. So would you do some new things with your kids or your spouse? Would you give to your favorite charity or church? Is there a cause that is meaningful to you? Would it be cool to just walk into your favorite cause and stroke them a check for $100,000?

How would that feel? You know, what kind of impact would that make? You know, over the years, we have raised hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of 1000s of dollars for March of Dimes, for the Muscular Dystrophy Association to help fight human trafficking.

Last year, we raised over $120,000 to help with Dr. Joe Dispenza and his research around how meditation impacts stress and depression and the immune system and so none of those things would have been possible if we didn’t have the money and presence to put on events and actually donate as well understand that with more money you can do more good.

And if you embrace that, you’re going to fight some of those stereotypes that you may have against people that have a lot of money. And so with more money, you could do more good what would you do? So make a list. Make a list of what is it that you would be doing if only you had more money. You know and don’t forget to you know, get something yourself? It doesn’t have to be all for other people.

If you had more money, would you get a new car? Would you upgrade your office chair? Would you get a new fridge, right? What would you get? But also who would you benefit? Would you invest in yourself and become a better speaker so you can impact more people? Would you invest in yourself to start your own YouTube channels so that you can reach more people and help more people?

What would you do that is such a powerful exercise? And it’s something that we do every single week, we do something called Wealth Wednesday. And we’ve been doing this for years and years and years and years, I think the last probably five years, every single week, we teach our rank makers group, Wealth Wednesday.

Wealth Wednesday is when you do a random act of kindness for a stranger involved in a financial exchange. And so every single week, we have hundreds, sometimes thousands of people all over the world, do random acts of kindness.

And sometimes that’s paying for the person behind them in the drive-thru, paying for the person behind them in a toll booth, sometimes it is reverse shoplifting where they go into a grocery store, and they sneak money into something like a diaper bag, baby formula, dog food, you know, whatever.

And it’s cool, because we’ve actually gotten international coverage of some of our rank makers in different areas, doing these random acts of kindness and actually makes it to the news or makes it on the radio, makes it into an article, makes it on social media. Why do that, because it’s chipping away at your money mindset.

Because if you can do that, and know that you feel good doing it, you’re making someone else feel good, well, then that means with more money, you can do more good. And that will help you pave the path for you to start to allow more money to come to you. So before we get to my last point, I’d love to hear from you. What is your number one struggle with money?

And be honest here, I read and respond to every single comment. So drop me a comment down below, what’s your number one struggle with money, we may have a resource that could help you, or maybe I have a quick answer for you. But drop me a comment. We’d love to know.

Effective Practices To Get More Money

So here are two practices to help you get more money. And so number one is very simple. I can afford that. So we’re walking through life, and we are watching TV, or we see our friends and we see them have something nice or someone on TV has something nice. Oh, I wish I could afford that. Oh, boy, would it be nice, you know, to get something like that.

I know so many people that multiple times a day, maybe even dozens of times a day, they’re walking around and noticing all the things that they can’t afford. And so they look around and feel really bad. Well, if you’re carrying a vibration of I can’t afford things, then you’re actually impacting your money mindset. And remember, reality is a slow-moving mirror reflection of what’s inside you.

So inside you, you’re constantly thinking I can’t afford that, then reality has to react to that. Reality has to show you that. You see, you don’t get what you want. You get what you are. Neville Goddard says anytime your wish conflicts with your feeling, the feeling will always be the victor. So you can wish for that Rolls Royce or Bentley or new car or a new house or whatever.

But if inside, you’re like you have right, well, that’s the emotion, the emotion will always be the victor, the feeling will always be the victor. And so instead, switch it up, I want you to as you’re driving through town, as you’re watching TV, I want you to force yourself to say, I can afford that. You see a Lamborghini pass you, I can afford that and just start feeling better about the things that you’re noticing.

And being a guardian, be a guardian of your money, mindset, language, and your emotions. Don’t allow yourself to sustain and hold on to negative feelings about yourself and money. And so instead and maybe you go down to the high-end shopping district and you walk into Gucci and you think I can afford that. Now I’m not saying you have to buy any of this stuff, but you just saying I can afford that.

And really owning that in your heart. Owning that emotionally, I can afford that, you will start to see unbelievable things show up in your life and you will start to feel better about allowing more money into you. And that is the key. The word here is allowing. You see abundance is everywhere and you know, a few months ago I wrote on social media, that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer because both groups are verifying what they believe to be true.

People have a lot of money right now with investments and stuff. I know the stock market’s weird, but there are so many opportunities to make more money. So many opportunities, the rich are getting richer, right? But the poor didn’t poorer too. Why? Because they believe making money is hard. They believe that you have to be special to have a lot of money. And so they constantly verify that to be true. What are you verifying to be true?

Now the second practice is nighttime visualization. And so when before bed is your most critical time because that’s when your subconscious kicks in, which is literally the co-creator of your reality and your subconscious. It doesn’t understand affirmations, it doesn’t understand language. It only understands emotions. And so before bed every night, I do this every single night.

I see myself having the things I want in my life and I would suggest to you to avoid just thinking more money, more money, more money, I would suggest against that. I would take it one step further and say okay, well what would I do if I had more money and start seeing those things. Start visualizing, start spending more time with memories of your future than memories of your past. And that may sound weird. Memories of my future.

Well, that just means you’re repeating it, you’re seeing the future as if you already have it. You’re seeing the future as if you’ve already done that thing or own that thing, etc. And so start seeing yourself as having the things that you would have, if only you had more money. And so instead of focusing on the tool, money, focus on what you would do.

Would you live in a different zip code? Would you give more to charity? Would you buy a better car for your son or daughter? Whatever, whatever you want. See that before you go to bed, feel it emotionally, and you head off to bed and you’re telling your subconscious here’s what I’d like to experience more of. Watch how that changes your life.

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