The 13 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows on Netflix

Netflix is brimming with beautiful sci-fi TV programs, in addition to Stranger Things and Black Mirror. Its great international library features brilliant and odd TV jewels from throughout the world, like the German sci-fi masterpiece Dark. Alternatively, watch The OA, an astoundingly unusual sci-fi thriller that will keep you engaged for two seasons.

Scroll down to see the greatest Netflix originals and outstanding overseas offerings.

1. The 100 (2014-2020)

The 13 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows on Netflix
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If The 100 appears to be your typical teen drama, be prepared to have your expectations surpassed. There’s a reason why this post-apocalyptic show lasted seven seasons: The 100 features sophisticated world-building and moral quandaries that push stereotypical characters into unexpected and interesting directions. The 100 in question are a generation of juvenile detainees sent to Earth to see if it is habitable after the apocalypse.

2. Dark (2017-2020)

Dark (2017-2020)

Stranger Things’ German counterpart takes its time before venturing into absolutely intriguing and creative territory. Dark is a sci-fi noir that weaves time travel, conspiracies, and separated families into a generation-spanning thriller that begins with the disappearance of a kid. If you’re looking for meticulously created layers in your tale, this is the place to be. Dark’s introspective look at time travel and its influence on human nature is ready to hit you hard with all three seasons.

3. The OA (2016-2019)

The OA (2016-2019)
JoJo Whilden/Netflix

The axing of The OA by Netflix is one of the cruelest cancellations in Netflix history. Prairie Johnson, a young blind woman who returns after being away for years and suddenly has the capacity to sight, is the protagonist of this totally original novel. She claims to be the “original angel” and persuades a small group of locals to listen to her unbelievable story about abductions and amazing escapes. The OA is the kind of grounded sci-fi that utterly takes you and its heroes by surprise when it introduces its astounding themes. Watch the first two excellent seasons on Netflix and hope for the third to be taken up elsewhere.

4. Lost in Space (2018-2021)

Lost in Space

The reboot of the 1965 series of the same name transports us to 2046, two years after humanity is on the verge of extinction. The gifted Robinson family embarks on a mission to settle a new planet with a crew. Aside from the unavoidable family strife, they are confronted with unusual new landscapes and an eccentric extraterrestrial robot who befriends young Will. Lost in Space has plenty of fuel to take off with mystery, emotion, and a distinctive adversary in Parker Posey’s Dr. Smith (seasons 2 and 3 are markedly improved over season 1).

5. The Silent Sea (2021—)

The Silent Sea

Gong Yoo from Squid Game appears in this. What more do you require to be aware of? This South Korean science fiction mystery follows a group of astronauts on a journey to an abandoned lunar research station. Their goal: is to obtain a sample of an unknown chemical for unknown purposes. Betrayal, government lies, and personal secrets all conspire to derail this engrossing intergalactic adventure.

6. Altered Carbon (2018-2020)

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon takes place in a cyberpunk society in which human consciousnesses can be transferred into new bodies. Takeshi Kovacs, an investigator, and ex-soldier is transplanted into the bodies of Joel Kinnaman in season 1 and Anthony Mackie in season 2. Kovacs’ story begins with him solving a murder before embarking on a quest to discover what happened to his own lost love. Altered Carbon is clumsy at times, but its visual treats and entertainment value carry you through the exposition and heavy-handed social commentary.

7. Sense8 (2015-2018)

Murray Close/Netflix

Another fiction that deals with reality come from the makers of The Matrix. Sense8 follows eight people from around the world who realize they have a mental and emotional connection. Not only can these glimpses into very diverse lifestyles teach tolerance, but the “sensates” may also draw on each other’s abilities when confronted with a deadly organization on their tail. If you relate to the various people in Sense8, you’ll fall head over heels for this sincere and sensual sci-fi drama.

8. Into the Night (2020—)

Into the Night

This Belgian apocalyptic sci-fi will most likely put you off flying for good. Into the Night is set on a plane and follows a red-eye flight hijacked by a soldier who, along with the rest of the passengers, survives a devastating worldwide catastrophe on the ground. Will they be able to keep the plane flying long enough to get them to safety? That idea alone should compel you to see this great, gripping thriller.

9. Away (2020)

Away (2020)

The huge star at the center of Away’s cosmic drama is Hilary Swank. She plays Emma Green, a NASA astronaut and the commander of a Mars expedition. Things don’t go well at first, and Emma’s cosmopolitan crew makes her doubt her abilities to command. Away is generally effective in landing an all-around excursion, with time split between Earthbound drama and dependable amusement above the stratosphere.

10. Archive 81 (2022—)

Archive 81

Do you like sci-fi shows that use two timelines? Do you have a soft spot for cults and mysteries? Please welcome Archive 81. Mamoudou Athie plays Dan Turner, an archivist who takes a job restoring a collection of damaged videotapes from the 1990s in the multi-genre show. He gets far more than he bargained for as he becomes involved in an inquiry into a mysterious cult and a young woman who may or may not be dead. Archive 81 is a supernatural thriller with elements of horror, mystery, noir, and sci-fi infused into its unsettling atmosphere.

11. Stranger Things (2016—)

Stranger Things

It wouldn’t be a best-of list without Stranger Things. If you somehow missed the Duffer Brothers’ tribute to ’80s horror and Steven Spielberg, things are about to get tubular. We follow El, a near-mute teenager who was the subject of experimental investigations. She has telekinetic abilities, which she used to repel demons from a terrifying alternate dimension. The world of Indiana, Hawkins is beautifully detailed for anyone in need of an ’80s nostalgia hit, and the quirky characters, portrayed by a superb young cast, are part of what makes this series a tour de force.

12. Travelers (2016-2018)


Full disclosure: Travelers was regretfully terminated by Netflix after its third season, but this carefully structured sci-fi from Canada does end with an audacious boom. We begin with Marcy, a crippled woman who has been beaten after assisting a friend in escaping thugs. She dies and then resurrects. This great character-driven sci-fi discloses its secrets in ingenious ways, following future operatives tasked with averting society’s collapse while simultaneously negotiating the hazardous path of living a double life.

13. Black Mirror (2011—)

Black Mirror
Laurie Sparham/Netflix

While Charlie Brooker’s dismal tech anthology series, Black Mirror, can be hit or miss, at its best, it loads its mini-movies with an investigation of futuristic technical ideas via achingly personal experiences. San Junipero is one of them, and it follows two women in the 1980s (queue banging soundtrack) as they fall in love with each other in ways they couldn’t in their “actual” lives outside of the beach town. The technological side is presented with brilliant timing, and the show in general addresses the repercussions of our plugged-in lifestyles in disquieting and occasionally uplifting ways.

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