Bandman Kevo’s Net Worth in 2022: Salary, Career, Interesting Facts, and Biography

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Bandman Kevo's Net Worth

Bandman Kevo’s Net Worth: Bandman Kevo’s net worth is $3 million. He is an American rapper, social media celebrity, and composer from Chicago, Illinois. He is primarily renowned for his role as the band’s manager, financial adviser, and leader. Kevo has a massive fan base and is adored by hip-hop lovers all around the world. With breakthrough tracks like “Baller in Me,” “Who Is Dat,” and “All Foreign,” bandman Kevo breaks through as a hip-hop artist.

The rapper originally gained attention in the early 2010s with a succession of hits such as All Foreign and Baller in Me, which contributed to his eventual infamy after being imprisoned for his involvement in a bank fraud operation just before he was set to blast off. After nearly three years in jail, Bandman Kevo returned to the streets, determined to recover the position he had left behind. So now we will discuss Bandman Kevo’s net worth, salary, revenue sources, profession, biography, early lifestyle, and much more.

Bandman Kevo’s Net Worth 2022:

  • Bandman Kevo’s net worth is $3 million, and he is 32 years old.
  • $400,000 are his annual earnings
  • He is Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter
  • Gender Male
  • Aquarius is his Zodiac Sign


Bandman Kevo whose real name is Kevin Ford was born on February 16, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois. Growing up on the streets of a small town put him in a terrible situation. Kevin witnessed individuals being beaten with baseball bats, robbed, and shot from an early age. Kevin’s parents struggled to make ends meet as a child, living with their family in a low-income neighborhood in the hopes of saving money.

Kevin attended high school but walked out in the tenth grade because he believed it was nothing more than a sham. Instead of continuing his schooling, Kevin skipped ahead in the labor market by locating a website that sold fake high school certificates and used them to land his first several jobs at McDonald’s, Walmart, and a local factory. He was working long days and only earning roughly $200 per week, which frustrated him and drove him to seek alternative work.

Kevin joined a like-minded hip-hop and scam group when he was approximately 19 years old, and after a few years of effectively learning the ins and outs of music and scamming, Kevin was doing serious love for himself. In 2012, he was detained after allegedly fleeing with a cashier at a Walmart in Indiana around three a.m. Kevin moved on with his life after overcoming his original accusations, assuming he was clear.


Bandman Kevo launched his first solo effort, a mixtape named “Fast Life,” in 2014, and his tracks Baller in Me and All Foreign gained him a lot of attention, and it appeared like Kevin was on the verge of striking it big and putting his less-than-reputable ways behind. His previous allegation, however, reappeared in a huge way, this time in a federal prosecution. Bandman Kevo was Campbell, along with almost two dozen other persons, were arrested and charged with statewide bank fraud in October of 2014.

Kevin was suspected of stealing more than $639,000 in all, and he faced up to 30 years in prison after being captured. However, after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, he was sentenced to 22 months in federal prison. Despite spending so much time inside, Kevin discovered methods to make some much-needed money by enabling people to pick his brain. By March of 2019, Bandman Kevo was finally released; he walked out of jail having earned more than $100,000 on the inside.

Soon after his release, he re-announced himself to the hip-hop world by releasing his fresh new tune “Finesse God” as well as following up on his Tor Browser. Over the next several years, he released a slew of new hits, including “Uber” and “Corona Scam.” At the same time, he was gaining traction on Instagram and YouTube, and his lone fan account included videos giving financial counseling courses, management, and investment ideas to his numerous fans. He made $10,000 on the first day after opening his only fans account.

Despite his accomplishments, Kevin found himself in problems again in June 2021 after being detained on weapon and assault charges. Kevin was arrested this time for gun possession by a convicted felon, resisting arrest, and tampering with evidence. Kevin has been bailed out since his arrest, but his eventual destiny and future jail sentence remain unknown.

With the release of his mega-hit tracks such as All Foreign, Gas, Stop Playing with Me, Finesse God, and others, bandman Kevo achieved international fame. He has collaborated with various successful songs and musical acts, as well as several record labels, which helped him gain fame.

Bandman Kevo's Net Worth

Bandman Kevo Quick Biography:

Real NameKevin Ford
NicknameBandman Kevo, Tha Finesse God
Age32 years old
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois,
United States
Height5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
Weight80 kg (176.37)
Ex-girlfriendMercedes Hatcher
SonChicago Kevo
Bandman Kevo’s Net Worth$3 million

Bandman Kevo’s Net Worth:

Bandman Kevo’s net worth is projected to be approximately $3 million as of 2022. He is a growing celebrity in the nation who has recorded a lot of popular songs. The rapper rose to prominence with the publication of his single All Foreign, and he has amassed a large fortune in the music business since then.

Kevo has a YouTube channel where he uploads music videos, vlogs, and NFT-related stuff, and each video has thousands of views. He has amassed over 480k subscribers on his YouTube account. The majority of his earnings come from the music business, such as live gigs and his lone fans page. Bandman Kevo’s yearly income is around $300,000.

Kevo intends to help people in reaching their financial goals

Kevo chooses to reach out to people via his own website and app. He trains budding young businesses for free on his YouTube channel, ‘bandmankevo.’ His YouTube channel now has over 430K subscribers who value his professional advice.

Kevo, who has worked in the music industry for a long time, understands how record labels may defraud newcomers. The majority of his information is geared toward assisting aspiring musicians in breaking free from the indefinite credit trap of record firms and becoming their own investors. He coaches prospective musicians on how to build streams, advertise their songs, and then use the credit to start their own record company.

Aside from music, Kevo is well-versed in other fields such as real estate, e-commerce, and restaurants. Kevo is actually on a mission to bring others up to his level, with a clear roadmap for how to build a career in these sectors from the ground up. His mentorship technique is so personalized that his followers wind up being his friends, which is how Kevo distinguishes himself from other individuals on digital platforms.

Kevo hopes to maintain his success with an investment portfolio in the future to set an example for people who look up to him. Kevo is constantly available to his fans on social media to assist them in finding something that truly works for them.

Bandman Kevo's Net Worth

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People FAQs.

How much is Bandman Kevo’s net worth?

Bandman Kevo’s net worth is now $3 million.

How much money does Bandman Kevo earn annually?

Kevo’s annual salary is roughly $400 thousand dollars.

What is the age of Bandman Kevo?

Kevin Ford was born on February 16, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois, and is 32 years old.

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