Amber Heard’s Parents are On Johnny Depp’s Side

Amber Heard's Parents are On Johnny Depp’s Side
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Amber Heard’s future appears gloomy right now, and it could get worse as the actress battles her ex-husband Johnny Depp in court over an offense, she wrote about in 2018 for the Washington Post. She might have made mistakes that could cost her the case inside the courtroom. Outside the court, Amber appears to be losing support from key people, which could sway the case in favor of Johnny and affect her mentally and emotionally. So, who has violated her trust? And what effect does this have on her chances of winning? Let’s have a look.

The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has taken many unexpected twists and turns. Fans have tuned in through it all, from the Aquaman actress’ alleged “grumpy” on the bed to her “performance” testimony. Heard has also made assertions that have caused her story to be questioned by fans. Depp was accused of injuring his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss and using narcotics with Heard’s father. Everyone is now wondering which side her parents are on.

Heard’s testimony

Heard’s testimony had a lot of strange statements in it. She testified that Johnny Depp and her father consumed drugs together during their engagement party in 2014. She said that the actor had “disappeared upstairs” throughout the party and only returned when they were leaving and it was because he was sharing drugs with her father at the time.

The lawyer for the Pirates of the Caribbean star filed a speculative objection. Amber Heard stated that she was there and had been watching it. At the same time, her father has hooked on the same substance that Johnny was. She also claimed that either Johnny Depp or her father “ran out” of narcotics during the party, forcing her to leave with Johnny’s security, but that they quickly returned with drugs and everything was OK.

When Heard confronted Johnny Depp about it, he allegedly “snapped at” her. She tried to get Johnny to come downstairs shortly after that, but he just shouted at her and told her to shut the f*** up. And she recalls discussing the irony with her mother. Amber claimed that was pretty much the end of the engagement party, so she went downstairs and entertained guests while smiling, taking pictures, and putting on a brave face while eating.

Johnny Depp's Alligations

Johnny Depp’s Alligations

Johnny Depp claimed in one of his depositions that Heard hurled a massive bottle of vodka at him during a fight. He then chopped his fingertip; something Heard had previously denied, claiming that the actor had cut it during a three-day binge. According to her team, a photo showing Depp sprawled out on a couch with melting ice cream on his jeans was also demonstrated during the proceedings.

However, Depp’s attorney, Ben Rottenborn, showed the jury a text message he wrote to Heard’s mother in 2014. He thanked the actress for her help with his Oxycodone detox. Depp wrote to Amber’s mom in text, and I quote, “I don’t need to explain the horrors to you, your daughter has risen far above the nightmarish task of taking care of this poor old junkie. Never a second has gone by that she didn’t look out for me or have her eyes on me to make sure that I was OK.”

johnny depp and amber heard mother

In leaked messages, Paige Heard’s mother revealed that the domestic abuse allegations against Johnny Depp were not her daughter’s idea. The matriarch said that the actress’ lawyers were behind everything. Her daughter didn’t “willingly or cheerfully” file for a restraining order; she texted Depp. Paige also accused “both sides'” lawyers of “frigging things up.” She texted Depp, telling him that the lawyers on both sides, not Amber, were doing this.

She also stated that she was moved by the entire narrative and asked if she may speak with Johnny. This was not something she desired. Amber’s mother stated that this was neither Amber’s idea nor her wish. Amber was told that she would be evicted and out in 30 days if she did not comply.

Amber’s mom added in her texts in May 2016, and I quote, “Her dumb lawyer possibly as the only way she would have a place to live in 30 days. She DID NOT want to do this; I swear to you. The lawyers are frigging things up.” The Edward Scissorhands star responded by questioning Amber’s mother about why Heard would go to the courthouse with a photo of her that appeared to be abused. Depp went on to say that this was his life as well and that he wondered what his children, grandchildren, and friends would think.

He informed Amber’s mother that he didn’t deserve it all and that neither did they, especially not from Amber. Paige answered that the actress was asked to do so by her lawyers. She stated that this was not Amber’s idea and that she did not want to do it freely or happily. Amber was warned that it was her ONLY chance to avoid being ejected.

Amber’s mother also noted that she was not making excuses but believed Amber. Amber was adamant about not doing it. She thought she was betraying her only love, but it was the attorneys who stated so. If they ever spoke again, Paige asked Depp not to tell Amber anything. And it’s a wrap.

Amber Heard’s parents, David and Paige, revealed that Amber Heard’s lawyers were behind the entire domestic claim. So, now that both of her parents have admitted to backing Johnny Depp do you believe Amber Heard’s career is dead, or do you think she still has a chance? Comment below, let’s engage!

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