Adele’s Net Worth: Interesting Facts and Complete Biography 2022

Adele's Net Worth
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Adele’s Net Worth: The mononymous singing sensation has enough award gold to embarrass the United States Treasury, and her blockbuster chart success is only strengthened by her mystery in comparison to other performers of her caliber: We knew she composed albums like 21 and 25 about prior relationships, but we didn’t know who the exes were. She hardly utilized social media until lately (you’ll almost never see her doing #sponcon).

Adele is also rarely photographed unless she is attending an event, which adds to the fascination of Adele and her songs. Despite her avoidance of the press, Adele is surprisingly honest and frank when she does talk publicly, as well as hilarious. She takes her music seriously, but not herself, making her appear immensely grounded while being one of the world’s best-selling musicians.

Adele released “Easy On Me,” her first new single in six years, in October 2021, and her fourth album, 30, was released on Friday, November 19, 2021. The same day, she announced a residency in Las Vegas’ iconic Caesars Palace Hotel’s Colosseum from January to April 2022, which was postponed indefinitely owing to the COVID-19 epidemic. All 102,000 tickets for “Weekends With Adele” were sold in the first few minutes of pre-sale, and Billboard predicts that Adele will earn $2 million each concert, the most of any artist in history.

How much money has she earned from her songs and performances? Continue reading to discover Adele’s net worth in 2022 and how she achieved it.

How did Adele become famous?

Adele, born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, came to stardom in 2007 with her debut single “Hometown Glory.” She was 19 when it came out, and she was only 16 when she wrote it.

Adele released her second single, “Chasing Pavements,” and her first album 19, in January 2008. When Sarah Palin returned to Saturday Night Live in October, she was the musical guest, and it was the highest-rated program ever at the time, with a whopping 17 million people.

“It was intended to be a regular concert with just me and Josh Brolin—I was the musical guest, and he was hosting.” “And then we go in on Saturday and there’s Sarah Palin,” Adele remembered. “Oh my God!” we said. And it became a massive program almost overnight—like, anytime I heard the phrase “overnight success,” I was like, “Yeah whatever, they definitely worked for it.” And it happened entirely overnight! That made me happy.”

What is Adele’s net worth?

Adele’s net worth is believed to be $220 million.

Is Adele a billionaire?

Sorry, but no way! Adele is $780 million short of being a billionaire.

How old is Adele?

Adele, who was born on May 5, 1988, is 33 years old as of the release of her current album, 30.

When did Adele get divorced?

Adele and ex-husband Simon Konecki divorced in 2019, startling the world—and, to some extent, the pair themselves, because Adele was determined to stay together.

“I’ve been intrigued with nuclear families since I never grew up in one,” she admitted in a November 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey. “I am quite serious about marriage.” It almost seems like I degraded it by getting married and divorced so rapidly. I’m really sorry that I didn’t make my marriage work… I’m still not over it; the fact that I chose to destroy my child’s life for my own makes me extremely uneasy.”

According to The Associated Press, Konecki will get neither child support nor spousal support from the artist, and the couple will split custody of their son Angelo. The family has also managed to maintain a somewhat nuclear existence, with exes Adele and Konecki living across the street from one another in Los Angeles while co-parenting their kid.

Adele's Net Worth
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What is Adele’s most popular song?

Adele’s best-selling song to date is “Rolling in the Deep.” “Rolling In the Deep,” the first single from her sophomore album 21, has sold more than 20.6 million copies worldwide and is the best-selling digital song of all time.

Which Adele album has sold the most copies?

Adele’s 21 is her best-selling album to date, selling 31 million copies worldwide. She had a positive attitude about her achievement and didn’t place too much pressure on herself to match it with following efforts.

“I don’t believe I’ll feel pressure for the next album to be as big as the current one since I know that’s not really realistic,” she said in April 2012 to NRJ Radio (via MTV News). “What occurred with this record is quite unusual.”

How many records has Adele 21 sold?

Adele’s sophomore album, 21, has sold 31 million copies worldwide (and still counting!) It was the best-selling record of the twenty-first century and one of the best-selling albums of all time.

How many copies of 25 were sold?

Adele’s third studio album, 25, sold 22 million sales worldwide.

How many Adele songs exist?

Adele includes 58 songs from all of her albums (including additional tracks and international versions, but not live recordings).

What songs did Adele create for other artists?

Adele collaborated with Sia and Tobias Jesso Jr. on the song “Alive.” It was supposed to be on her 25th album, but she changed her mind and gave Sia permission to put it on her 2016 album This Is Acting.

What Adele songs have been covered?

“Make You Feel My Love” is a version of a Bob Dylan song from album 19.

“That’s It, I Quit, I’m Movin’ On,” originally recorded by Sam Cooke, is included as a bonus track on the overseas edition.

“Lovesong” from 21 is a cover of The Cure’s iconic song.

“If It Hadn’t Been for Love,” a bonus track on some international editions, is a cover of a SteelDrivers song written by former vocalist Chris Stapleton and Mike Henderson.

Brandi Carlile first recorded “Hiding My Heart.”

One deluxe edition includes a duet of “Need You Now” with Darius Rucker, which was originally recorded by Lady Antebellum.

Adele's Net Worth
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How many awards has Adele received?

Adele has accolades worth a whole mine’s worth of gold and platinum. She has 136 wins in all, including an Oscar and a Golden Globe (both for “Skyfall,” her song from the James Bond film of the same name), 18 Billboard Music Awards, 15 Grammys, five American Music Awards, and others. See all of her (so far!) victories below:

Adele’s Academy Award Nominations

Oscar for Best Original Song for “Skyfall” (2013)

Adele at the American Music Awards

  • Favorite Adult Contemporary Performer (2011)
  • Favorite Female Pop/Rock Artist (2011)
  • (21) Favorite Pop/Rock Album (2011)
  • Favorite Adult Contemporary Performer (2012)
  • Favorite Adult Contemporary Performer (2016)

Adele’s AMI Independent Music Awards nominations

  • Most Popular Independent Act (2011)
  • Best “Hard” Second Album (21) (2011)
  • Most Popular Independent Act (2012)
  • “Hello” is the independent track of the year (2016)

Adele at the APRA Music Awards

“Hello” is the International Work of the Year (2017)

Arquiva Commercial Radio Awards for Adele

Artist with the most airplay in the United Kingdom (2012)

Bravo Otto Awards for Adele

Female Super Singer (Silver) (2011)

BBC Sound Of… Awards for Adele
BBC Sound of the Year 2008

BBC Music Awards for Adele

  • Artist of the Year in the United Kingdom (2015)
  • Live Performance of the Year at the BBC (2015)
  • Album of the Year on BBC Radio 2 (25) (2016)
  • Song of the Year on BBC Radio 2 (“Hello”) (2016)

BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards to Adele

British Solo Artist of the Year (2016)

Adele’s Billboard Music Awards

  • Top Artist (2012)
  • Top Female Artist (2012)
  • Top Billboard 200 Artist (2012)
  • Top Hot 100 Artist (2012)
  • Top Radio Songs Artist (2012)
  • Top Digital Songs Artist (2012)
  • Top Digital Media Artist (2012)
  • Top Pop Artist (2012)
  • Top Streaming Song (“Rolling In the Deep”) (2012)
  • Top Alternative Song (“Rolling In the Deep”) (2012)
  • Top Pop Album (21) (2012)
  • Top Artist (2016)
  • Top Female Artist (2016)
  • Top Billboard 200 Artist (2016)
  • Top Billboard 200 Album (25) (2016)
  • Top Selling Song (“Hello”) (2016)

Adele’s Billboard Touring Awards

  • Breakthrough Award (2016)

Adele’s BMI Film & TV Awards

  • “Skyfall” (2013)

Adele’s BMI London Awards

  • Award-Winning Song (“Chasing Pavements”) (2009)
  • Award-Winning Song (“Rolling In the Deep”) (2012)
  • Award-Winning Song (“Someone Like You”) (2012)
  • Award-Winning Song (“Set Fire to the Rain”) (2012)
  • Song of the Year (“Rolling In the Deep”) (2012)
  • Academy Award (“Skyfall”) (2013)
  • Pop Song Award (“Skyfall”) (2013)
  • Pop Song Award (“Rumour Has It”) (2013)
  • Pop Song Award (“Hello”) (2016)
  • Million Performance Song (4 Million) (“Rolling In the Deep”) (2016)

Adele’s BMI Pop Awards

  • Award-Winning Song (“Rolling In the Deep”) (2012)
  • Award-Winning Song (“Rumour Has It”) (2013)
  • Award-Winning Song (“Someone Like You”) (2013)
  • Award-Winning Song (“Set Fire to the Rain”) (2013)

Adele’s Brit Awards

  • Critics’ Choice (2008)
  • British Female Solo Artist (2012)
  • British Album of the Year (21) (2012)
  • British Single of the Year (“Skyfall”) (2013)
  • British Female Solo Artist (2016)
  • Global Success Award (2016)
  • British Album of the Year (25) (2016)
  • British Single of the Year (“Hello”) (2016)
  • Global Success of the Year (2017)
  • British Artist of the Year (2022)
  • Album of the Year (2022)
  • Song of the Year (2022)

Adele’s BT Digital Music Awards

  • Best Independent Artist or Group (2011)

Adele’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

  • Best Song (“Skyfall”) (2013)

Adele’s Danish Music Awards

  • International Album of the Year (21) (2011)

Adele’s ECHO Music Awards

  • Best International Rock/Pop Female Artist (2011)
  • Album of the Year (21) (2011)
  • Best International Rock/Pop Female Artist (2016)

Adele’s Edinburgh TV Awards

  • TV Moment of the Year Award (rapping to Nicki Minaj‘s “Monster” on Carpool Karaoke) (2016)

There are many more awards that Adele received during her career

How much did Adele gets paid for “Someone Like You?”

Adele’s precise salary for “Someone Like You” isn’t known, but the song’s sales stats are, and they’re massive: She sold 17 million copies of the song, making it one of the century’s best-selling singles and the third-most downloaded song in the United Kingdom.

Where is Adele from originally?

Adele was born in the Tottingham area of London. When her parents divorced when she was two years old, she and her mother moved to Brixton, then to West Norwood in south London. Her single “Hometown Glory” was inspired by her upbringing in West Norwood.

Adele returned to her hometown in a 2015 BBC special, admitting that she spent a lot of time at Brockwell Park in south London, which inspired her single “A Million Years Ago.”

“It’s somewhat of a narrative about… I drove by Brockwell Park, a park in South London where I used to reside. It’s where I spent much of my childhood. It holds fairly significant events in my life, and I drove passed it and literally burst into tears,” she added (via Billboard). “I really missed it, for no other reason than we all have various things going on, and it has nothing to do with me not feeling like I can’t walk in there and drink a bottle of cider anymore… It’s more that life occurs, and I don’t have somebody to meet there.

That’s really what it is—and it’s all about that and [how] I had no idea this was going to happen. I never, ever realized while I was playing my guitar in the park and singing to my buddies… we never, ever dreamed this would happen.”

What is Adele’s regional accent?

Adele speaks with a North London accent.

Is 25 Adele’s final studio album?

Nope! Her most recent album, 30, was released on November 19, 2021.

Why are Adele’s albums numbers?

Adele’s first four albums were called after the ages she was when she penned them: 19, 21, 25, and 30.

In a 2021 interview (via Metro), she remarked about 30, “I think this will be my final age one.” I’m sure I’m wrong, but I’ve seen a significant shift in myself during the previous several years. The next one will most likely be called Adele. It will, I’m not kidding.”

She also stated that she has never been the same age as the titles of her albums when they were released.

Is Adele touring anymore?

It’s unknown if Adele will go on a full-fledged global tour in the future, although she has two dates set for London’s Hyde Park in summer 2022.

How much Adele earn from 21?

Adele generated a record $67 million in earnings for her record label, XL Records, according to Rolling Stone. It’s unknown how much of that went to Adele, but even if she just got a tiny piece, she’s undoubtedly made a lot of money from the smash hit.

How much did Adele earn from her 25 tour?

Adele took home a cool $56 million for her 25 World Tour. Her touring firm, Remedy Touring LLP, earned $70 million.

How much money did Adele make with “Skyfall?”

Adele allegedly made more than $19 million the year “Skyfall” was released, although it’s unclear how much of it came from the James Bond theme, as the statistics also include royalties from prior albums and songwriting money.

Adele refuses to record another Bond theme despite — or perhaps because of — the song’s success (she won a Golden Globe and an Oscar for it).

“I would never do it again since everything went so nicely,” she said. “I was thinking, ‘Why did I want to wreck everything after 21?'” Then I found out it was [the 23rd Bond picture], and I was 23, and it seemed like fate.” “Having an Oscar is amazing,” she continued. The statue is rather hefty, and when people come to my house, the first thing they ask is not, ‘How are you?’ “It’s always, ‘Can I see your Oscar?'”

How much did Adele earn in 2020?

Despite not releasing any new music or performing in 2020, Adele earned an estimated $10 million.

How much did Adele earn in 2021?

Adele is expected to earn $20 million in 2021.

Quick Biography

Full NameAdele Laurie Blue Adkins MBE
Adele’s Net Worth (2022)$220 Million
Monthly Income And Salary$2 Million +
Yearly Income$24 Million +
Born:5 May 1988
Age:33 years old
Place:Tottenham, London, United Kingdom
Spouse:Simon Konecki (m. 2016–2019)
Children:Angelo Adkins
Social Account:Instagram and Twitter

Some Interesting Facts about Adele

  • In under 10 minutes, the singer wrote her breakthrough hit “Hometown Glory,” which appears on her album “19.” She composed it when she was 18 years old.
  • The song, about life in London, was apparently composed as a protest when Adele’s mother tried to convince her to leave the city to attend university.
  • The singer has commonly mentioned the late Etta James as one of her greatest influences.
  • According to the BBC, Adele attended the BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology, which the late singer Amy Winehouse briefly attended. Other world-famous graduates include Leona Lewis and Kate Nash, both vocalists.
  • Adele’s music originally garnered popularity in 2006, when she posted original songs on the now-defunct social media site Myspace. Her music was discovered by XL Recordings, a UK-based indie record company.
  • Adele has won several Grammys over the years, but during the 2012 event, she took home six, including song of the year and album of the year. She shares the title of the female artist with the most wins in a single night with Beyoncé, who set the record during the 2010 event.
  • Sasha Carter is her Beyoncé-inspired alter ego.
  • Adele celebrated her 30th birthday in 2018 by dressing up as Rose and throwing a “Titanic”-themed party. The event included period-appropriate attire as well as a recreation of the ship’s renowned stairway.
  • Though the singer is a fan of the film, she was criticized for making it into a celebration of the real-life tragedy on which the film is based – over 1,500 people perished when the Titanic ship fell in 1912.
  • In 2017, the singer dressed up as country artist Dolly Parton for Halloween, calling her “the idol of [her] life” in an Instagram post. Parton afterward shared a video on Twitter expressing her gratitude and approval of Adele’s appearance.
  • Adele has a dachshund and a black cat.

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