7 Pickleball Warm-up Exercises and Post-Game Recovery Tips

In the United States, pickleball’s popularity is surging to new heights. The major selling element of the game is how quickly you can master it and compete against your friends.

As a result, this has drawn people with varying levels of physical fitness, from those who are unfit to athletes who are highly competitive. As a result, there has been an increase in the frequency of injuries that could have been prevented by adopting precautions like warming up before, resting after, and doing strength training.

Therefore, this post is written specifically for you if you wish to prevent these injuries and improve your fitness.

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In today’s article, we’re going to talk about seven of the best pickleball warm-up exercises that you should never miss before any game. Make sure to read the article till the end where we will also share some post-game recovery tips. Now, let’s get right into the main topic.

Best pickleball warm-up exercises

Warming up before a game of pickleball is crucial if you want to perform well. Pre-game exercise on only AIDS in your recovery after the game by loosening stiff muscles and warming up your body. But it also helps you perform at your peak throughout the entire match.

Warming up before any sport is important to prepare your body to reach its maximum range of motion. Now we’ll share some of the best warm-up exercises that you should do before a pickleball match.

1. Arm Stretches

The arm absorbs the most impact from each paddle blow. Thus, flexibility is crucial for success in pickleball. There are numerous ways in which stretching can boost your performance. The following arm stretches can prove especially useful.

Arm Stretching exercise before playing pickleball
Image: Screenshot/ The Comprehensive Minds

Wrap your left arm around your right arm and hold the position for 10 seconds. Likewise, using your left arm, the deltoid muscle fold atop the shoulder is targeted in this particular stretch.

You can do a triceps stretch by bringing your right arm behind your head and grabbing your right elbow with your left hand. 10 seconds at the time. Then switch arms and do it again.

Clasp your hands together and bring your arms back behind you. 10 seconds of this pose place. This is an excellent way to stretch out your chest and shoulders.

2. Leg Stretches

When prepping for a game of pickleball, it’s important to put special emphasis on the legs as they are the primary source of movement in power. Or to increase your flexibility do these leg stretches. You can do this by pulling your left leg up behind you while holding onto something with your right hand.

Leg Stretching
Image: Screenshot/ The Comprehensive Minds

Get a good stretch in your right thigh by grabbing your ankle with your left hand and pulling your leg up. 10 seconds is the target and then switch legs and do it again. Lengthen one leg while sitting on the floor. Get down on all fours and try to touch your toes with the outstretched leg.

Your hamstrings will get a nice stretch, 10 seconds at a time. Then switch legs and repeat. Lean your chest forward and place your hands on your right knee as you take a forward step with your right leg. By maintaining this position, you will feel a pleasant calf stretch while standing on your left leg. 10 seconds on each leg, then switch.

3. Dynamic Lunge with Rotation

Lunge forward onto the tips of your left toes as you keep your left knee straight and step heavily onto the right. But your right palm is on the inside of your right foot and your left arm and the right angle into your body.

Raise your arms as high as you can from this stance. Keep this position for 3 seconds and switch sides and do it again. Do five repetitions on each side. This is an excellent warmup stretch for a sports activity. By bringing one hip to full flex and the other to full extension.

Dynamic Lunge with Rotation
Image: Screenshot/ The Comprehensive Minds

You’ll develop the hip mobility necessary for athletic and agile maneuvers stretching the leg, hip trunk, and shoulder all at once is made possible by bringing the arm over the head. All the joints in the chain are fully extended, maximizing the effect.

Hence, for making the most of this exercise, move forward in your lunge until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Always keep your hind leg fully stretched with your toes facing forward and not toeing out. This will roll the hips out. Avoid having your knee cave down towards your midline as you lunge forward.

4. Sumo Squat to Push up

Get down low in a squat to begin. Come up onto the tips of your toes and fully stretch your leg. After 3 seconds, walk your hands out to push-up posture and hold. Do two low-tempo push-ups. Always maintain a straight stance at the knees and walk your feet up to your hands. Repeat, do five repetitions.

Sumo Squat to Push up
Image: Screenshot/ The Comprehensive Minds

As a warm-up for more vigorous activity, this is a fantastic stretch. All the hamstring’s motion range is engaged during this. This plantar fascia, the bottom of the foot, and the calves and hamstrings are both stretched when one pulls up on the feet and the big toe.

Strength in the push-up position is concentrated in the upper body, the abdominals, and the scapular shoulders. There’s no way to achieve higher athleticism and agility without doing all the above to reduce the risk of injury. Hence, for making the most of this exercise, if you want to avoid knocking your knees over your toes as you lower into a squat.

Kick your butt back as you do so in order to avoid injury, Lift up the toes carefully and then slowly rise to the fully extended posture. The hamstrings and lower back will feel a tremendous stretch in the position. It’s important to keep your ABS firm and your trunk from rotating when you get into the pushup position.

The best hamstrings stretch while toe walking up to your hands. Keep your knees straight. Stretching the muscles of your shoulder girdle is just as important as stretching the muscles of the lower kinetic chain.

5. Shoulder Flexion Stretch

You can perform this exercise by putting your arm against a wall, tightening your abdominals, and then moving closer to the wall while forcing your arm into a completely flexed posture. Keep your thumb pointing inward while doing this. Not pictured. This makes it more bearable by preventing pressure on the rotator cuff from the sub archromial region avoid any discomfort during this phase. If that’s the case, try again from a closer distance.

The treatment should be stopped at the pain persists if not do this three times, each time holding for 30 to 45 seconds.

6. Posterior Shoulder Stretch

Right arm on the wall, shoulder flexed and abducted to 90 degrees toward the midline. Make a slow arc with your left shoulder and be ready to reach your right shoulder. The right shoulder back should feel like it’s being stretched. That shouldn’t be causing you any discomfort. In that case, you should back off three sets of a 30 to 45-second hold. Recommended.

7. Pec Stretch

Position your forearm on the wall with your arm bent to a 90-degree angle of flexion and abduction. The front of your chest should feel a stretch as you slowly rotate your trunk and shoulder to the right. That shouldn’t be causing you any discomfort. In that case, you should back off. Three sets of a 30 to 45-second hold are recommended.

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Best post-game recovery exercises

The exercises you do after a game of pickleball are just as crucial as the ones you do before. To properly cool down it’s recommended to begin with low-impact activities such as repetitive jumping exercises, squats, circular motions in the arms, lunges, stretching your arms, legs, neck, and back again, focusing on whichever area is filled the most relaxed. Massage and icing might help minimize any swelling that might develop in those sore muscles.

Why Pickleball is an effective workout?

So what did the scientists funded by ACE Fine? Now, an average of about 350 calories are burned every 60 minutes of study participation. On average among the participants. Because of this playing pickleball on a daily basis is an effective way to improve and maintain cardiorespiratory fitness as it stimulates the cardiovascular and metabolic symptoms, to the extent recommended by workout standards. These results indicate that pickleball is an excellent sport for mature adults to engage in.

How to stay safe while playing pickleball

The risk of falls and injuries is a major issue in the rapidly expanding sport that is most popular among individuals aged 55 and up. The authors of the ACE-funded study emphasized the importance of safety by noting that nearly all of the study’s participants had experienced at least one fall over its duration. In order to take part in a sport safely. One must be nimble and bounce enough to accomplish skills like backpedaling and returning a ball hit over one’s head.


By learning the proper technique, such as cutting in the direction of the ball rather than backpedaling and getting in shape. Anyone can enjoy the thrills of this thrilling activity without risking injury. So what do you think about these pickleball warmup exercises? Tell us in the comments. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your fellow players. Thank You.

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