7 Best Strategies to Become a 5.0 Pickleball Player

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7 Advanced Strategies to become a 5.0 pickleball player. Pickleball players range in ability level from absolute beginners to elite professionals. Players who are just getting started with the game and are only vaguely aware of its mechanics and rules start at level 1.0.

It is difficult and takes a lot of practice to advance from a level 1 player to a level 5 player. A player must master a variety of abilities and traits to an extraordinary quality in order to attain the 5.0 level.

Because they don’t fulfill the criteria for a competition rating of this level and scale, many pickleball players throughout the world don’t even consider themselves to be 5.0-level players.

So what essential techniques must you master to play pickleball professionally? Well, let’s find out in today’s article. Hello and welcome to our site The Comprehensive Minds. Your number one spot for all pickleball content.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about the top 7 advanced strategies to become 5.0 Pickleball Players.

Strategy number 1. Don’t run to the kitchen too fast

If you watch 5.0 Pickleball Players, it can look like they run to the kitchen two fast looks can be very misleading. These teams are advancing strategically towards the aim.

Pickleball is one of the few sports where you’re on defense when you have the service because you have to let the ball bounce, your team has to stay at the baseline while your opponent’s team is already in the nonvolley zone. Also called the kitchen line.

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When they hit the return, they’re now going on the attack. If everyone teaches you the same way, you always run into the kitchen and if the ball is a little too high, it comes back to your feet. It’s not the fault of your partner. You’re to blame. You were in the wrong spot.

You should remember three things.

One is you start to move forward. Watch where the shot is going.

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Two keep an eye on what your opponent does.

Three Take a split step and defend if you have to.

Also, keep these things in mind

1. Wait for the right shot to come to the kitchen line. The best shot is the one that makes your opponent bend to hit it.

Two People playing pickleball in court
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2. Use the split step and stop. If you can’t get all the way in. Be ready to defend yourself.

3. When you hit the next shot, make sure it’s soft, and then work your way into the kitchen. Now the game is even.

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Strategy number 2. Cover the court as a team

One of the most impressive things about watching the best teams is how well they work together. They cover the whole court to make it hard for their opponents to hit a simple winner into the open court.

It’s like making a wall with your partner so that your opponents can’t get through it. They do a great job of that as they move back and forth into the side.

woman trying to play a shot in pickleball game
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At the non-volley zone, you can see that they are busy, with no still feet.

One thing I like to imagine as my partner and I are connected by a bungee cord. Whenever my partner moves to the left, I also move to the left. If I move to the other side, my partner has to move in the same direction.

So we get rid of some of the open court and make it much harder for our opponents to throw us off and hit a winner. Why don’t you try? Try to move like your partner does the next time you go out to play, See if it makes it harder for your opponents to find the open court and hit a winner.

Strategy number 3. Don’t be afraid to play alone

When you practice your serves. Put up markers. I normally use water bottles for this purpose. Try to hit a water bottle as far away from the court as you can. Getting your serve deep will make your third shot drop much easier.

Do you miss too many overhead shots? Did a few overheads into the fence too often? Yeah, I’ve been there too. You can either throw the ball into the air or hit it with your paddle.

This is a great chance to get better at putting the ball away. Try throwing the ball at different heights and moving around a bit. Learn how to return lobs.

For this action, I start on the left side of the NVZ line and throw the ball towards the right side of the baseline.

5.0 pickleball player
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Make sure the practice both ways. As you run back to return the lob, you can work on your drops and drives. I don’t see many people practicing sprinting back to return lobs, but it’s an important part of the game as more people use lobs during a dinking rally.

I know I just told you to stop lobbing, but that was mostly for third shots from the baseline. Do you have a wall on the courts or is it in your basement? No, I’m talking about practicing on the wall.

a person practicing pickleball on wall
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Get your favorite tape and tape a line across your wall that is 36 inches high, 34 inches in the middle, if you want to exact, and 20 inches long if you have that much space. But a line of NVZ tape, seven inches from the wall.

You just made a pickleball NVZ out of thin air. With this new thing, you can work on dinking and volleying. By volleying against the wall, I’ve become much faster with my hands. You get a lot more feedback from all the repetitions you can do, which helps you with both speed and control.

Strategy number 4. Does the forehand always cover the middle?

Surely you’ve heard the phrase It’s your forehand, you have the middle. But isn’t that always happen? Should the forehand cover the middle all the time? Keep watching.

woman watching ball to make a shot
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Say, for example, that player one gets the return of serve and he goes to her backhand. So player one is going to turn to hit her backhand. Now, how do we cover the court when there are two people standing at the kitchen line on the other side?

Player one Must think about a shot. Player two has to cover the rest of the court, which is a hard job. Player two Needs to move to the middle of the court and face Player three. Player one is going to take her shot and her backhand is her shot.

Player two should keep up the same pace as Player one. Square the hips and shoulders towards players Three. This lets you take shots in the middle and out to the sides.

There’s something else, you have to take a step forward in the direction so you only have one step to take either shot. Player three points your hips and shoulders in the right direction. So there it is.

That lets you move one step to the right. Go wide to get a lower angle or move right down below. The next shot will be in the middle. The important thing isn’t that the forehand should cover the middle, but that you and your partner work as a team to close up these holes so you don’t give away so many easy points.

Strategy number 5. less lobbing

I think we’ve all played games with someone who keeps lobbing the ball. Is it possible? Sure. We’ll help you get to the next level. New. We sometimes have to lob and there are times when we can do it.

Well, I’m talking about the third shot lobs that are made on purpose from the baseline. What’s going on? Well, you went off and go over their head with these and if you do the light will probably go out.

Strategy number 6. Be a pro spinner

Good ball spin will confuse your opponent and increase your chances of winning. Use different types of spin on your service return so that your opponent loses while trying to figure out what you’re doing.

As was already said, pickleball is a game of strategy in which the other player has to think hard before making a move. Spin service, on the other hand, is more like a cheat tip that can easily throw the other person off and weaken their defense.

It’s one of the best ways to hit the ball in pickleball. And pickleball is a fun game that needs careful planning to win. If you communicate well and use good strategies, your chances of winning will double.

Final Words

If you use these tips for Advanced Pickleball Players, you can get better at the game and win every game you play. No one can stop you from succeeding if your plans are well thought out.

So what are your secrets? Pickleball strategy has made a huge difference in your game. Tell us in the comments. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your fellow pickers. Thanks for reading.

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