6 Brilliant TikTok Money-Making Strategies

TikTok Money-Making Strategies
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This post will go through 6 brilliant methods to generate money with TikTok. TikTok is one of the most popular platforms this year. Anyone and everyone may use it, and it’s a pleasant way to meet new people and spend time. But can you profit from it?

Today, we’ll go over six of the finest methods to generate money using TikTok.

1. Become an Influencer

Because TikTok is comparable to other social media platforms, it stands to reason that being an influencer is one of the most apparent methods to generate money.

It is true that being an influencer is not a simple undertaking; nevertheless, the rewards of influencer status are well worth the effort. According to Forbes, the platform’s most popular stars made millions of dollars in the previous year.

Addison Rae (54 million followers) was named the highest-earning celebrity. Over the course of a year, she earned approximately $5 million in total. Charli D’Amelio, who has 77 million followers, ranked second in terms of earnings, collecting little more than $4 million. D’Amelio’s sister took third place with $2.9 million.

Follower count does matter when it comes to being an influencer, but perhaps not to the extent you’d assume. Most firms who collaborate with TikTok influencers select their partners based on follower engagement rather than follower count. This implies that an influencer with 20,000 followers who are engaged and in touch with their content may have a higher chance of working with brands than an influencer with 100,000 followers who are less involved.

Another intriguing finding is that it appears that most companies prefer to collaborate with smaller-scale influencers, sometimes known as “micro-influencers.” These influencers often have between a few hundred and 20,000 followers. Working with micro-influencers has the advantage of being substantially less expensive.

Another intriguing truth is that most firms prefer to collaborate with micro-influencers (influencers with a few hundred to 20,000 followers). While influencers with millions of followers might reach a wider audience, they can also be highly pricey.

To summarize, all you need is a few thousand engaged followers to become an influencer.

TikTok Money-Making Strategies
© Provided by Sharon Tseung
6 Genius Ways to Make Money Using TikTok

How to Become an Influencer

Pick a niche.

To be successful on TikTok, you must first identify a niche. Choose one that piques your interest and makes it simple for you to regularly produce high-quality material.

Determine your passion and generate content around it.

Make use of a TikTok Pro account.

TikTok provides premium accounts known as “Pro” accounts for creators and corporations. Influencers, artists, and public personalities will benefit from the Creators pro account.

Fill Out Your Profile
When creating your profile, the two most important aspects to consider are your bio and profile image. These are the first things users notice while deciding whether or not to follow you.

These two elements should help to portray a positive picture of you. If you think your photo is too generic, consider changing it with a short video to bring some personality to your profile.

Recognize Your Audience

Before you begin generating videos, spend some time getting to know your target audience. To become a great influencer, you must develop material that your target audience would like.

Take note of whatever material receives the most interaction; this will give you an idea of the kind of videos you should develop. You might also emulate the already-successful tactics of other influencers who create content in your field.

Make Your Content

The next step is to generate your content. User engagement is high for high-quality TikTok content. Your videos are more likely to go viral if they are engaging and innovative. Going viral greatly increases the popularity of content.

Consistency is essential.
Maintain consistency in your posting to boost your presence on the network. If you want to become an influencer, you must consistently post high-quality material. You may pick the frequency of your postings, but keep in mind that the most prominent influencers often publish 1 to 2 times each day.

Participate with Your Audience

Once you acquire a following, you must interact with them. Interact with your audience to demonstrate that you are more than just a face on their TikTok stream – you are a genuine person.

You may interact with them by responding to their remarks or asking questions in the video subtitles.

Demonstrate an Interest in Brand Collaborations

Finally, let brands know that you’re open to working with them. You can include it in your bio or launch an outreach strategy.

2. Streaming live

TikTok Money-Making Strategies
© Provided by Sharon Tseung

Going live is another simple method to make money on TikTok. This means you may capture a video of yourself in real-time and share it with your followers. They can communicate with you via this broadcast.

However, in order to go live, you must have at least 1,000 followers.

However, after you have done so, you may begin earning money. How? It all comes down to your fans, really.

After you’ve started live streaming, it’s up to your fans to make you money. They may accomplish this by purchasing virtual coins with their own money and then sending you these coins as “gifts” via TikTok. You can withdraw your cash whenever you achieve a threshold of $10 in coins.

Although this strategy will not make you wealthy, it is an excellent option for individuals who like live streaming to supplement their income on their platform.

3. Participating in the TikTok Creator Fund

TikTok, like YouTube, has developed a scheme to compensate its video producers. The Creator Fund program’s goal is to incentivize users to utilize the platform on a regular basis, and it appears to be working.

The Creator Fund compensates creators for their work, however, it is unknown how much money creators make through the fund. What we do know is that in order to be eligible for the fund, you must have original, interesting TikTok videos. To qualify, qualified users must have received 10,000 views on their videos in the previous 30-day period.

They must also have a particular amount of followers — 10,000 in total – and be at least 18 years old. Payouts are made on a daily basis, although creators are not permitted to reveal how much they earn due to TikTok’s program restrictions.

A few factors influence how much money is awarded through the program. Of course, views are one of the most important elements considered, but so are things like view legitimacy, user interaction, and adherence to the aforementioned TikTok guidelines.

Furthermore, the amount an individual is paid each day is determined by the number of videos submitted and the number of eligible users.

4. TikTok Account Flipping

If you’re interested in starting a company, switching TikTok accounts may be the next big thing. The concept of “flipping,” or creating and growing an account before selling it for a profit, is already prevalent on Instagram. Prior to that, it was popular in the area of real estate, with a plethora of outstanding series centered on the real-life experiences of home flippers.

To get started, you’ll need to identify a niche and produce content around it. Then, expand your following and engagement. When the account has a significant enough following, go out to industry companies and pitch the concept of selling your account to them.

Accounts with themes are generally the simplest to sell. Personal accounts are more difficult to sell since the account will be transferred and there is no guarantee that the new owner will be able to keep up with what the previous user was doing.

5. Affiliate Promotion

You’ve seen affiliate marketing firsthand if you’ve ever seen a YouTube video in which the author highlights a product that they love and then proceeds to link the product in their video description with the claim that when you purchase through their link, they earn a tiny commission.

Affiliate marketing is not limited to YouTube; in fact, the strategy is growing popularity on TikTok as well.

To take advantage of affiliate marketing, you must contact firms that sell things that you use and enjoy. The terms “use” and “enjoy” are essential for success in this undertaking.

Your audience will be able to detect if you’re attempting to advertise items that you don’t use or like legitimately – especially if they’re contradictory with how you’ve branded yourself.

6. Merchandise Sales

TikTok Money-Making Strategies
© Provided by Sharon Tseung

TikTok also allows you to make money by selling customized products. What’s the best part? The fact that you don’t need thousands of followers to profit from this strategy. You may start this business whenever you want.

TikTok may help you market your business or online store by displaying goods related to your content. Many creators who utilize this strategy make things with designs or statements related to the brand they’ve built on their platform. Someone who specializes in paranormal stuff, for example, may design notebooks with charming tiny UFOs on them or necklaces with ghost-shaped pendants. Someone with a true-crime platform may choose to design t-shirts that provide information about numerous cases or phone numbers for investigative tip hotlines.

You don’t even have to be direct about your marketing. You may continue to publish videos and photos as usual but add a 3 or 4-second clip at the end to highlight your items, provide links to your e-store, or offer visitors the website URL where they can discover your products.

So, how much money can you make on TikTok?

That is an excellent question, but there is no clear answer. Everyone who makes money on TikTok earns at a different pace and takes home a different amount at the end of the day.

Influencers with 100,000 followers can currently earn between $500 and $2,000 each month. This worth is determined by your brand, product, amount of followers, engagement rate, and how hard you work.

You earn more when you have a high engagement rate than when you have a low engagement rate. This means that your primary focus should be on interaction rather than on the number of followers you have.

Furthermore, how much money you make as an individual is determined by how many avenues of TikTok’s potential you employ to generate money. For example, if you sell products, Livestream, and join the Creator Fund, you will most certainly earn more money than if you merely sold merchandise.


TikTok, like every other social media network that has swept the globe by storm, offers users several ways to earn money. There is almost likely an option that will fit you, from selling items to becoming an influencer and working directly with businesses.

This fast guide should help you pick which path to go first and where you want to go from there. Remember that perseverance and hard effort are the keys to acquiring TikTok’s popularity and leveraging success on the site.

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