4 grocery items are now in short supply

grocery items are now in short supply
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Four grocery items are now in short supply.

Stocking up for long summer weekends hasn’t been this pricey in decades—that is, assuming the things on your shopping list are even available. Several shelf shortages are occurring, making it difficult to find what you want.

With the Fourth of July and the height of summer just around the bend, the timing of these shortages isn’t ideal, since a couple of them are critical for backyard BBQ mainstays like hot dogs, hamburgers, and fruit salad. Continue reading to find out what grocery items are now in short supply.

1. Kiwi

grocery items are now in short supply
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New Zealand is well-known for its kiwi harvests, which are the country’s greatest fruit or vegetable export. Each year, around $120 million worth of the fruit is sent to the United States, but the harvest in 2022 has not yet achieved its typical potential, according to Bloomberg.

Over 5 billion kiwifruits were collected in 2021, but officials forecast fewer due to weather and a shortage of workers, so don’t be shocked if the production area has a limited variety.

2. Sriracha

grocery items are now in short supply
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Due to a lack of Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, Sriracha Chicken and other grilled meats may be less spicy this summer. The business that creates the sauce, Huy Fong Foods, Inc., just confirmed to Eat This, Not That! that their namesake product, as well as the Chili Garlic and Sambal Oelek sauces, will not be sent until after Labor Day.

Chili plant harvests, like kiwi harvests, have been impacted by exceptional weather circumstances not just this year, but since 2020. Because supplies are so limited, the firm won’t be able to satisfy orders until September.

“We recognize that this may pose problems,” the company adds. “However, we will not take any new orders until September since we will not have adequate inventory to complete your request.”

Fortunately, this is the only condiment that may be rare, since mustard makers are assuring customers that they will be able to find it despite a lower mustard seed yield.

3. Coffee

grocery items are now in short supply
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According to The Guardian, the price of coffee has increased by 70% in recent months. Farmers are shifting their crops due to the extreme heat, but the land is becoming scarce in locations like Costa Rica and Jamaica. This might result in some vacant areas in your local supermarket’s coffee section.

4. Wine

grocery items are now in short supply

“Materials like cobalt, copper, and nickel are all restricted right now, and all are utilized in colored glass manufacture,” said Bindiya Vakil, CEO of global supply chain business Resilinc, concerning wine bottles. “Higher pricing equals less supply and ongoing strong demand.”

It also means that some of your favorite pours may be difficult to locate. Furthermore, the grape crop in France was tiny last year, resulting in a $2 billion loss in sales, according to The Guardian. Experts expect that climate change and rising temperatures will continue to harm crops for years to come, thus this is likely to be a long-term scarcity.

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