10 Best Food Items To Buy in Bulk To Save Money

Best Food Items To Buy in Bulk To Save Money
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Americans are being hard hit by rising food prices in the checkout line. According to a recent New York Times article, shoppers are shopping around more, using coupons more than ever, and, in some cases, bribing the store butcher with baked goods for information about impending specials in order to avoid inflation.

The cost-saving advantage of shopping in bulk is undeniable, so long as you don’t allow the food to expire or go to waste. Everything basically boils down to the packaging and the work that went into it.

According to Jon Roesser, general manager of Philadelphia-based Weavers Way Co-op, “basically, all food bought in bulk saves not just money since so much is spent on packing (the success of companies like Costco and BJ’s supports this idea).” “Depending on the item, the difference after subtracting the cost of packing and labor for such package might range from 2 to 5 percent.”

Theoretically, you should purchase all of your food in bulk, but given the size of our pantries and freezers, we all know it is neither practical nor acceptable for every single item (let no one advise you to buy fresh dairy, for instance, in bulk). What are the best bulk purchases, particularly for this time of year?


Best Food Items To Buy in Bulk To Save Money
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According to Justine Chan, MHSc, RD, CDE, a registered dietitian, and the company’s creator, “Blueberries are in the season thus they cost the least during this time of the year.” “You are maximizing the vitamin and nutritional potential since they are at the height of their freshness. Additionally, they freeze well, reducing the risk of food spoiling. All year long, blueberries are a fantastic addition to salads, baked goods, and porridge.”

The best method to stock up on this delicious fruit, according to Chan research, is to purchase it from a local farmer.


Best Food Items To Buy in Bulk To Save Money

Another beautiful summertime berry to buy in quantity and freeze is strawberry.

You may chop [these] larger berries in half, according to Hassle-Free Vegan food writer Jen Cardenas. “Put them in a Ziploc bag once they have frozen to store. In the freezer, berries keep for several months.”


Best Food Items To Buy in Bulk To Save Money

Because of their high cost, nuts are sometimes overlooked by people, according to Aysegul Sanford, the owner of the food blog Foolproof Living. “The majority of retailers charge expensive costs for them in little amounts, which frequently discourages the typical customer from buying. Nuts can be purchased in quantity to save money over time without taking up valuable freezer space, which bulk purchases typically do.”

Sanford advises buying nuts in their shells to increase their shelf life by an additional two months or preserving them in jars for a period of four months.

Cones of ice cream

Best Food Items To Buy in Bulk To Save Money
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Alec Pow, CEO of The Pricer, said: “You can buy ice cream in bulk and put it in the freezer.” “Choose little cones that are individually wrapped and come in larger boxes of 24, 48, or even more in order to conserve space rather than buying an ice cream treat in a large container. They will easily survive the summer if stored correctly in a freezer. Simply take a cone out of the freezer whenever you feel like some ice cream and indulge.”

Chicken Thighs

Best Food Items To Buy in Bulk To Save Money
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According to registered dietitian Kelsey Sackmann, MS, RD, “Boneless skinless chicken thighs are ideal for marinating and grilling, plus they produce an 87 percent savings rate if purchased in bulk.” You may stock up now and save money all summer long because chicken prices are predicted to increase by 6-7 percent during the coming months.

Packaged Snacks

Best Food Items To Buy in Bulk To Save Money
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We go through snacks quickly in our home since I have three children under the age of eight, according to Carolyn Truett, recipe developer of Caramel and Cashews. “Snacks are often substantially more affordable per ounce when purchased in bulk or big amounts. They are available online through Amazon or at warehouse clubs like Sam’s and Costco.”

Before making a purchase, Truett advises comparing the price per ounce to that of different brands and sizes. You will get the most value for your money if you take a moment to do it.

Dried Pasta

Best Food Items To Buy in Bulk To Save Money
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“Pasta that has been dried is adaptable and storable. In addition, summery side dishes like macaroni salad are necessary for picnics and barbecues “explained certified nutritionist Johna Burdeos. “For a healthy option, choose pastas comprised of whole grains or plant protein because they are higher in fiber and other minerals. Prepare pasta salads that may be prepared ahead of time and include a protein. Without having to cook or spend money on eating out, you will have leftovers and a balanced meal available.”

Protein Powder

Best Food Items To Buy in Bulk To Save Money
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My Fitness System owner and trainer Dave Shelton stated, “I recommend getting protein powder in bulk now to save big this summer. “Whey protein powder production expenses, including those for ingredients, shipping, and general overhead, have climbed dramatically and will do so for the rest of this year. Bulk purchases can result in significant savings. Purchasing whey protein powder online from sites like Amazon or Tigerfitness.com is highly recommended. Visit your local Costco to buy in bulk if you prefer to shop in person.”

Dried Oatmeal

Best Food Items To Buy in Bulk To Save Money

According to Karen Zerbini, owner of Supper Sanity, oatmeal is a low-calorie, slowly digested carbohydrate that also contains good fat, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. “Additionally, adding multiple toppings for varying flavors throughout the week is simple. You may eat less since the fiber makes you feel satisfied longer.”

When it comes to financial savings, buying oatmeal in bulk makes perfect sense.

Eating this hearty meal can significantly reduce food prices, according to Zerbini, as it costs only 9 to 13 cents per serving compared to ready-made cereal, which starts at 23 cents per serving. “Rolled oats, often known as old-fashioned, are available in rapid and normal cooking varieties in almost all supermarkets. Many supermarkets also provide a bulk version for shipping to your house through their online site.”

Grains with Dried Beans

Best Food Items To Buy in Bulk To Save Money
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Homestead How-To founder Carrie Williams Howe stated, “These complete ingredients keep a very long time, are quite inexpensive to buy, and can be utilized in a ton of summer dishes.” “To prepare homemade vegetarian burgers, combine dry black beans or chickpeas with fresh vegetables and grains like quinoa, farro, or wheat berries. All of these dishes are relatively affordable vegetarian dinner ideas that are nonetheless quite filling and healthful. The majority of these dried grains and beans may be prepared quickly and efficiently in an instant pot, helping to retain the heat in your kitchen. These grains and legumes also look lovely displayed in jars on your shelves.”

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